• ma ville intermediate listening practice gcse
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    Ma Ville – French Listening Practice & Transcript

    French Listening Practice – ‘Ma Ville’ – with Audio, Transcript and Activities French listening practice was on my mind this week! My main aim was to create some intermediate French GCSE listening practice on the topic of ‘ma ville’. Mainly, as revision for my Year 11 GCSE French students, as part of the AQA syllabus. Speaking exams are looming and all we have done lately is focus on getting through the material and speaking! We have photo cards, role plays and general conversation questions coming out of our ears. So, I decided to have a slight interlude and finished the half term on a little high with some much needed…

  • French GCSE Speaking and Writing Higher Grades Phrases
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    French GCSE Speaking and Writing Handout with 39 ‘Ingredients’, Examples and Translations

    Useful French GCSE Speaking and Writing Phrases for Grades 4-9 Sometimes I wonder if we give students too many handouts. Especially when I consider how often they look at them. Or on the other side of the scale, how reliant students can become on using handouts to produce their ‘own’ work. For these reasons, I am reluctant to give out so many handouts in my lessons. Usually only sharing those which I feel my language learners will truly benefit from, or can learn from. This is were this 39 Ingredients to Access Higher Grades in French GCSE Writing and Speaking handout document comes in! It’s a brilliant revision resource as…

  • l'environnement French listening lesson intermediate gcse
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    L’environnement – French Environment Listening Lesson

    Teaching the topic of environment and in need of a listening lesson for la protection de l’environnement topic? Look no further, French teachers! This is a ready-to-go, no-prep listening lesson with MP3 audio file, read by a native speaker at a medium speed, with a word-for-word transcript and six activities to practise the subject of environment. You can use this lesson revision for your French learners before their exams, as well as being ideal as an introduction, or towards the end of the environment topic as consolidation. …So many possibilities! What is included in this French listening lesson on ‘la protection de l’environnement’? MP3 AUDIO FILE The MP3 audio file…

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    Les réseaux sociaux – French Listening Lesson with Transcript

    French Listening Lesson on Social Media and Social Networks Social media and ‘les réseaux sociaux’ are a staple part of most young peoples’ lives in the 21st century. Therefore, I feel they are excellent themes to include in French GCSE exams. However, as normal, I can’t find any great resources that don’t cost a bomb to help to practise listening skills on the topic. So, I decided to create this lesson on social media for GCSE French lessons. I believe it would work really well as an introduction into the social media topic in Year 10,  or used with year 11 as revision. What is in the lesson on ‘les réseaux sociaux’?…