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German, English and French Online Language Teacher

online language tutoring spalding french german englishLooking for an online language teacher isn’t as hard as it used to be…

You will find hundreds of language tutors online who teach all the languages you may wish to learn. So why choose Miss D?

Well firstly, if you are looking for an online language teacher who is a tutor of German, an online French tutor or a teacher of English language, you are in the right place and thanks for your interest in online language tuition with me!

To see if I am the best fit for you for your online language tutoring needs, or face-to-face teaching (if you are local to Spalding), please read on for a little bit more background into my teaching skills, as well as my approach as a language teacher, my experience and qualifications, as well as an outline of pricing.

Where am I located?

I am located near Spalding, Lincolnshire and offer face-face language tutoring at my premises. However, if you live elsewhere, it’s not a problem because I teach French by Skype, German by Skype and English by Skype too.

who is The Ideal TeacherAbout Miss D

Well, I am a fully qualified language teacher with nine years of teaching experience in secondary schools, college, privately and online. I have been an online language teacher since 2014. I am a native English speaker but I travel regularly to France and Germany and communicate with native French and German speakers every day.

My Approach to Teaching as an Online Language Tutor

I am an extremely enthusiastic teacher with a real passion for teaching and helping learners reach their goals in a fun and engaging way. Teaching online has differences to teaching face-to-face. However, in the same way as teaching with a student in front of you, as an online language tutor, I use clear instructions, examples, games, gap filling activities, matching activities, role plays, explanation sheets, handouts and innonline language teacherovative methods of teaching that I have learned over the past nine years to help learners to learn any language.

Lessons are tailor-made for each student and they are as interactive as possible, with you contributing as much as you can. Students learn best by making mistakes and so I make notes of your mistakes as the lesson progresses and allow you to tell me how the mistakes should be corrected during the lesson at a couple of intervals – this really works on improving your fluency quickly!

qualifications experience skills in online language teachingLanguage Teaching Qualifications and Experience – Key Facts


  • French GCSE (Grade A) – 2003
  • German GCSE (Grade A*) – 2003
  • French A Level (Grade A) – 2005
  • German A Level (Grade A) – 2005
  • Cert. TESOL qualification – 2009
  • BA French and German (2:1) – 2011
  • Qualified Teacher Status (Outstanding) – 2016
  • PGCE Secondary MFL (Merit)  – 2016


  • 9+ years of teaching experience in secondary school, college, privately
  • 5+ years of online teaching using Skype and professional bespoke teaching platforms
  • Top grades (A*-B for private tutoring students)


Please find an outline of my online language tutoring basic pricing below. However, please bear in mind that these are a guide and final pricing will be dependent on individual language tutoring needs.

Online English Language Tuition (60 minutes + homework)
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – £25-£35 

Online German Tutoring
(60 minutes + homework)

KS3 – £25
KS4 – £30
A Level – £35
Beginner – Intermediate Adult – £30

Online French Tutoring (60 minutes + homework)
KS3 – £25
KS4 – £30
Beginner – Intermediate Adult – £30

I am happy to adapt to your needs and focus on the areas you need help with. Please get in touch by using the ‘Contact’ form on the website if you are interested in taking language tutoring with Miss D, as well as if you have any further questions.

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