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    French Songs for GCSE French Classrooms

    Motivate French GCSE Students with French Songs In Your GCSE Classroom Today Get some brilliant French songs and suggestions by topic below! For me, music has always been an instrumental part of learning a language. As a student, I listened to French songs whilst studying, as well as in my free-time. This routine continued into my university days. Even today, ten years on, I still remember all the words to Je te promets by Zaho (2008) and Ça mousse by Superbus (2008)! I was able to improve my pronunciation, develop my vocabulary and learn about a range of singers and groups from different French speaking countries. All of this has…

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    6 French Listening GCSE Websites To Improve Skills

    Why Improve French Listening Skills for GCSE? For the revised 9-1 AQA GCSE French examinations from 2016, each skill: speaking, listening, reading and writing now accounts for 25% of the overall GCSE French grade. In addition, ‘students must enter at one tier for all four skills, not a combination of both’ (AQA Summary Of Changes), which suggests that developing solid French listening skills has become an even more vital component for being successful in the subject. With the changes in allocation of marks and ‘the requirement for students to manipulate and make more independent use of the target language’ (AQA Summary of Changes), there are other added pressures, such as…