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    Meine Stadt und Ich – German Listening Activities and Transcript

    If you are teaching students learning German the topic of ‘meine Stadt’, then try out this listening activity! Combining an MP3 audio file with a two-page word document with full transcript and seven activities, you can use it to fill a whole lesson and use as homework too! How will this listening activity help students learning German? The activities include: listening comprehension questions on the topic of ‘my town’, vocabulary development tasks, as well as spontaneous speaking and writing activities. Not only will these activities fully exploit the audio, they will aid students to improve their listening skills. As well as develop their vocabulary on the topic of ‘meine Stadt’.…

  • Das deutsche Schulsystem
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    Das deutsche Schulsystem – Listening Activity

    When I was at school I needed all the help I could get, to get my head around the German school system! Therefore, I’ve put together a resource, which could either be used as revision, or as an introduction into das deutsche Schulsystem. Why not use it in your German GCSE lessons with students taking either the Higher paper or the foundation paper when teaching the topic of ‘School’? You could also use it in your German lessons with private GCSE German students, which is what I did. What are the resources included for ‘das deutsche Schulsystem’? You will find an audio file (MP3) and a direct transcript (word document) that you can download…

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    8 German Listening Websites for GCSE

    Why do GCSE students need German listening practice? My GCSE German students are fantastic at writing, they get on very well with reading and do well on speaking when they have plenty of vocabulary on a topic. The GCSE skill that many of them struggle the most with, however, is German listening. Due to limited time in lessons, it is vital for students to have the opportunity to practise their German listening outside of the classroom to tune their ears to the speed native Germans speak, since “what pupils reportedly find most problematic about listening is the pace of recorded material.” Barton (2006).In addition, this practice will allow learners to…