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    Le système éducatif français – Listening Lesson with Transcript and Activities

    Listening Lesson on ‘le système scolaire français’ Unless you pay extortionate prices for websites which offer audio files, or use websites which don’t always offer 100% relevant listening content, it’s difficult to find good quality audios for students to practise listening for GCSE French. For this reason, I am working on putting together a collection of audio files and lessons to fit the GCSE curriculum, which all French teachers can use and have access to. If you are interested in keeping up-to-date and knowing when I’ve added new content, don’t forget to sign up to my emails. You can add your details on the ‘SIGN UP’ page in the tabs above.…

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    French,  French GCSE,  French GCSE Listening Skills

    6 French Listening GCSE Websites To Improve Skills

    Why Improve French Listening Skills for GCSE? For the revised 9-1 AQA GCSE French examinations from 2016, each skill: speaking, listening, reading and writing now accounts for 25% of the overall GCSE French grade. In addition, ‘students must enter at one tier for all four skills, not a combination of both’ (AQA Summary Of Changes), which suggests that developing solid French listening skills has become an even more vital component for being successful in the subject. With the changes in allocation of marks and ‘the requirement for students to manipulate and make more independent use of the target language’ (AQA Summary of Changes), there are other added pressures, such as…