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Teaching Activity Of The Week – Edition 5


This week, I used a really good starter in my English lessons (adaptable to French, German and Spanish etc). The teaching activity got my students thinking as soon as they came in to the classroom. If you are looking for a low prep teaching activity, which can be adapted and used in all of your classes this week, then try this synonyms and antonyms vocab challenge out!

Teaching Tip Of The Week – Edition 5

Title: Synonym and Antonym Vocab Challenge
Aim: Re-call previously learnt vocabulary and develop it further
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Resources: Synonym and Antonym Teaching Activity Resource (7 downloads) paper, pen and thesaurus

Synonym and Antonym ActivityInstructions:
1. Show PowerPoint slide with a list of adjectives (for synonyms and antonyms) – half must allow students to add a synonym and the other half should allow them to add an antonym
2. Advise the students that they must copy down the adjectives they can see, but they must also add a suitable synonym to the first column and a viable antonym to the other column.
3. Students to work individually for a set amount of time, then in pairs and small groups to complete.
4. Allow students to share their synonyms and antonyms with the whole group verbally for pronunciation practice.
5. Show your answers as you go along, however, allow other correct answers, in addition to those shown, and clear up any non-viable options.

Teaching Tip Extension

Ask students to create sentences or questions using five synonyms or antonyms from each column related to a particular theme, i.e. family / home / environment etc. Alternatively, ask them to add two synonyms or antonyms for each, instead of just one.

Watch Out For…

I noticed some students did not erase all of their incorrect answers, so encourage students to share all their ideas with you and cross out anything that doesn’t quite work.

Please note: this activity is just a starter, so perhaps plan in some reading, listening, speaking and/or writing opportunity to practise using them later in the lesson.

How would you adapt this activity for your language classroom? Let me know in the comments below!

p.s. If you are interested in seeing my previous teaching activity choices of the week for the last four weeks, you can try them out here: Teaching Tips of The Week



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