Teaching Tip Of The Week
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Teaching Tips of The Week

Teaching Tip Of The WeekTeaching Tips and Ideas To Use In The Classroom Each Week

I come across brilliant teaching ideas and teaching tips that would be fantastic to use in the modern language or ESOL classroom, daily. Unfortunately, I don’t do anything with the majority of them; mainly, because there are so many! Whilst there are many teaching ideas which are gimmicky, there are many that could be used to break away from monotonous lessons with the same activities week in, week out. 

For this reason, I am challenging myself to collect lots of these teaching tips in one place; here, for myself and for you! As the activities increase, I will collate them under skills to make it easier to add them into your teaching repertoire. This week, we’re on tip 2!

scrabble alphabeticallyTeaching Tip Of The Week – Edition 2

Teaching Tips Activity – Scrabble Word Starter

Title: Scrabble Word Starter
Vocabulary Recall
All, except complete beginner

Resources: Powerpoint, pens and paper

Aim: To revise previously learned vocabulary OR to check what vocabulary students already know about a topic

1. Set students up to work individually/in pairs/in small groups and give them the topic for the starter, i.e. music, film, technology, home etc.
2. Advise that the aim of the activity is to create words in the target language, related to the theme you have provided within a time limit. E
ach team will get points for the value of the letters in that word.
3. The winners will be the students who:
a) have the most words related to the topic
b) collect the most points
4. Share the rules with the students:
– words must contain 3+ letters
– words must be real ‘German/French/Spanish/English’ words
– words cannot be proper nouns (names of places/people)
– avoid shouting out / looking at others’ work – marks may be deducted
– teacher’s say is final
5. Project the scrabble board onto the screen and set the time limit (3/5/7 minutes usually works well) using a bomb count down clock

6. When time is up, get students to swap paper and use a different coloured pen to mark in groups, help where necessary.
7. Share words with common errors on the board for correction and add the best words related to the topic for students to copy into their books
8. Allow students to tally points and write on the bottom.
9. Take the sheets in and announce winners.

Teaching Tip Challenge: put the words into a sentence for bonus points

Resources for Teaching Activity of the Week:
Download the Scrabble Vocabulary Starter (4 downloads) , which includes the instructions for the teaching activity to project to students, as well as a large copy of the scrabble board.

Have you used this teaching activity in your language classroom before? What variations do you use? Let me know in the comments below!


toilet roll introductions speaking challenge

Teaching Tip Of The Week – Edition 1

Teaching Tips Activity 

Title: Toilet Roll Intros

Skill: Speaking
All, except complete beginner

Resources: 1-3 x toilet rolls (depending on group size)
to get students to talk about themselves spontaneously
1. Before students enter the classroom, tell them to take as many sheets as they like from the roll.
2. Ask them to sit down in silence.
3. When all students are sitting down, ask them to count how many sheets they have taken. Get a show of hands to see who has the most and least.4. Advise students that they are now going to tell a small group of students about themselves in the target language. They have to give the same number of facts as the number of sheets of toilet roll that they have.
5. They must listen carefully to others and make summarised notes of what the person next to them says – they might have to tell us about their neighbour at the end of the activity.

Teaching Tip Challenge: the sheets of toilet paper could count as the  number of minutes a student should speak for (their neighbour must time them)

Resources for Teaching Activity of the Week:
Download the Toilet Roll Introductions - Speaking Activity (9 downloads) for instructions to share with students

Have you used this teaching activity in your language classroom before? What variations do you use? Let me know in the comments below!


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