the vocabulary challenge - words with two vowels
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Vocabulary Challenges for the Language Classroom

vocabulary activities for the language classroomVOCABULARY ACTIVITIES FOR THE LANGUAGE CLASSROOM

It is important to encourage students’ vocabulary development so that they develop the language and skills necessary to succeed in communicating in and understanding any language.

One way of implementing this strategy in the language classroom is to incorporate a number of opportunities for students to reflect on words they already know, have exposure to words they should know, as well as have the opportunity to use and recycle this vocabulary in ‘authentic’ conversations and interactions.

Vocabulary challenges are a brilliant way to get students focused in the language classroom and showcase their knowledge. In addition, they also allow learners to acquire even more knowledge from their peers. Students will have the ability to reflect on what they know if they work individually. However, if they work in pairs and in small groups, they will also learn new words. Combining this reflection, as well as exposure to new words regularly, along with recycling this vocabulary in classroom activities and homework will aid language learners to become better linguists.

The purpose of this post is to collate a variety of vocabulary challenges (which I will add to over the coming weeks) that you can easily use in your language classrooms, at any time of the academic year. The vocabulary development activities are perfect for the French, German and Spanish Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 classrooms in England, but also ideal for English Language Teaching classrooms, as well as any other language teaching classroom anywhere in the world!

Try the vocabulary challenges below out today and feel free to add any ones that we should be using in our classrooms in the comment boxes below! 


the vocabulary challenge - words with two vowels

1. How many words can you write with ‘two’ vowels? Added 1st Nov
This could be easily adapted for all of your classes and it could be used regulary, but with some adaptations to keep things fresh. For example, change the ‘two vowels’ to ‘three vowels’, or the ‘vowels’ to ‘syllables’ etc.
vocabulary challenge starter
2. Words Beginning with ‘A’ Added 5th Nov
How many words can you write down beginning with any letter of the alphabet? To make this vocabulary challenge topic-related, add a theme that the students must stick to.

a to z vocabulary starter challenge activity
3. A-Z Challenge Added 14th Nov
I love this vocabulary activity, as it can be used with all levels for pretty much any topic. Food and drink springs to mind, as well as ‘verbs’ and so on. I am working on the topic of health and safety with my current ESOL students and I tried this out with them. Would you have thought of ‘fire extinguisher’ for ‘F’?!

Try some of these vocabulary activities out in your classroom this week and let me know how you have adapted them. Do you have any other suggestions for additions?

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