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Family – Authentic French Listening Practice With Activities To Try

Authentic Free Audio Visual French Listening Practice – Theme: Family / La famille en France

Since listening is often a neglected skill in language lessons (apart from listening to me and other students, of course), I am always looking for ways to provide authentic French listening content for my students. So, I have created this free French listening practice video with activities to try out.

I will use this audio visual clip with my students from September, as  that’s when we will be looking at the topic of ‘la famille’ or ‘family’ in French again. This particular extract is an audio visual extract which can be accessed on YouTube or below.

Who should use this family listening practice extract?

It’s ideal French listening practice on the topic of la famille en France for advanced beginners (KS3 – UK Curriculum) in mind, but it could also be good revision for intermediate students (KS4).

Enrika, a native speaker from Paris, talks about her family, family types in France including close family members, extended family members, as well as modern family forms.

The first 2 minutes of the family listening practice video includes an introduction about what the video clip contains, as well as suggested activities to do whilst listening. To get to the main audio clip on the topic of family for listening practice , skip to 2 minutes 11 seconds. Here, you’ll also get a brief outline of activities that you can do whilst listening.

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