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Spontaneous Speaking Activity – Tip of the Week – Edition 6

no prep low prep sponateous speaking challengeWho loves speaking in another languages? Me!

However, when it comes to speaking in a different language, finding enough opportunity in the classroom can be quite tricky. This week’s Teaching Tip of The Week is a fun, low-prep and low-cost spontaneous speaking activity. It can be adapted for all levels, languages (I’ve used it with French, German and English) and groups. It has been tried and tested, but I have added my own spin to it.

This particular spontaneous speaking resource was created for French and German GCSE level groups but it can, very easily, be adapted for other groups.


Teaching Tip Of The Week – Edition 6

Title: Colourful Spontaneous Speaking Challenge
Aim: To develop spontaneous speaking skills on various topics
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


Spontaneous Speaking Challenge EDITABLE Resource >   Purchase Editable Resource Here , paper and pen per student

1. Put students into groups of four or five.
2. Read through the instructions on the first PowerPoint slide with the whole group’s attention.
3. Give students about 5-6 minutes per slide, which will allow 2-3 people to speak spontaneously. Move on to the next slide and repeat.

Spontaneous Speaking Teaching Activity Extension:

To ensure students are all participating when they are not speaking, they must focus on watching the time and/or listening carefully and noting down any mistakes as they are said by their peers. 

Watch Out For…
Students not paying attention to the others’ speech. You could advise points will be deducted as necessary for students not focusing, and also that teacher’s say is final!

How would you adapt this activity for your language classroom? Let me know in the comments below!

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