Whether it’s for the 11+, to develop conversation skills, learn German from scratch, brush up your skills for GCSE, A Level or anything else – let me help you learn German!

Whatever the reason that you wish to learn German, taking lessons with a private German tutor is an absolutely fabulous way to pick up the language, at a speed that is right for you.

How can a German Tutor help you?

By using a private German language tutor, you will not only improve your German conversation skills, but you can also develop listening skills, reading and writing ability and work on improving German vocabulary, translation and grammar at the same time.

learn German onlineEveryone is different and everyone learns at a different speed. You may need a German tutor just to help develop your confidence in German speaking, alternatively, you may wish to learn German for a future move or to feel more confident when travelling for business, or for personal use when holidaying in German speaking countries. A private German language teacher can offer personal support until you have reached the level that you need for your own specific language learning goals.

übung macht den meisterWhy Choose Me To Be Your German Teacher?

Would you prefer to focus exclusively on speaking, for instance, or do you need to learn German for business reasons, exams or just for personal use? If learning German is something you have always wanted to do, or if it’s something that has become a necessity. There’s no better time than the present to start or continue your language learning journey with a private German tutor to motivate you and guide you.

PRIVATE language tutor contact detailsI have a number of German language qualifications (GCSE, A Level and Degree), I have spent much time in Germany over the last 20+ years and I have a depth of experience teaching German to students in years 7-9, for GCSE and for A Level. I have also taught hundreds of students German conversation, as well as for business purposes.

Some key achievements include helping students attain A* in GCSEs, As in A Levels, improving grades at GCSE from low D to high B in just 4 months and helping students feel more confident in making a move from England to French speaking countries, for example.

So, if you’d like to brush up on your grammar, feel more confident in speaking, develop your vocabulary, have more practice in the lead up to examinations, prepare for a move to a German speaking country or anything else, get in touch!

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