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Qualified German Teacher with 10 Years Experience


Whether it’s for the 11+, to develop conversation skills, learn German from scratch, brush up your skills for GCSE, A Level or anything else – let me help you learn German!

Whatever the reason that you wish to learn German, taking lessons with a private German tutor is an absolutely fabulous way to pick up the language, at a speed that is right for you.

How can a German Tutor help you?

By using a private German language tutor, you will not only improve your German conversation skills, but you can also develop listening skills, reading and writing ability and work on improving German vocabulary, translation and grammar at the same time.

learn German onlineEveryone is different and everyone learns at a different speed. You may need a German tutor just to help develop your confidence in German speaking, alternatively, you may wish to learn German for a future move or to feel more confident when travelling for business, or for personal use when holidaying in German speaking countries. A private German language teacher can offer personal support until you have reached the level that you need for your own specific language learning goals.

übung macht den meisterWhy Choose Me To Be Your German Teacher?

Would you prefer to focus exclusively on speaking, for instance, or do you need to learn German for business reasons, exams or just for personal use? If learning German is something you have always wanted to do, or if it’s something that has become a necessity. There’s no better time than the present to start or continue your language learning journey with a private German tutor to motivate you and guide you.

PRIVATE language tutor contact detailsI have a number of German language qualifications (GCSE, A Level and Degree), I have spent much time in Germany over the last 20+ years and I have a depth of experience teaching German to students in years 7-9, for GCSE and for A Level. I have also taught hundreds of students German conversation, as well as for business purposes.

Some key achievements include helping students attain A* in GCSEs, As in A Levels, improving grades at GCSE from low D to high B in just 4 months and helping students feel more confident in making a move from England to French speaking countries, for example.

So, if you’d like to brush up on your grammar, feel more confident in speaking, develop your vocabulary, have more practice in the lead up to examinations, prepare for a move to a German speaking country or anything else, get in touch!

Private German Tutoring and Online Lessons – Testimonials

I teach many students online via Skype and in person at my premises in West Pinchbeck. These are just some of the reviews from current and previous students:

“Sabina has been a great help with Georgia whilst studying for her GCSE in German. She has helped with both vocabulary and speaking, and her confidence has gone from strength to strength since starting with Sabina. Georgia is hoping to continue with A-level, and Sabina’s teaching method has assisted Georgia with this decision. Sabina is punctual and an excellent teacher and I would strongly recommend her.” – Lisa P. (Mother of German GCSE Student who achieved Grade A)

“Put simply, Sabina is just amazing. She is well prepared before every lesson and she ensures that everything learnt in a lesson is recapped at the end. She is very thorough and always notes down topics and grammar sections that my son wants to go over in the future. She assists him with his vocabulary learning and she always encourages him to extend this further. Sabina has helped my son with all aspects of his German IGCSE course and recently she has helped him perform highly in his speaking exam by tailoring her teaching to his needs. She is also very flexible with her lessons and always finds a way to fit in my son’s lessons, especially as he approached the speaking exam, she set aside many lessons just for him! My son has only been having lessons with Sabina for a short amount of time, despite this his confidence has grown, his vocabulary recall has improved and his use and variety of complex structures in his writing has developed. Sabina has taken my son from an A/B (6/7) standard to a high A* (8/9) level. Overall, Sabina is great German teacher and I highly recommend her!” – J.S. (Mother of German iGCSE German Student who achieved Grade 9!)

“I have a lesson with Sabina almost every week, often at different times due to my work schedule, we start our lessons in German. Greeting each other in German and talking about what I have done in the week, e.g. activities, work, going out, eaten etc… This way I’m learning the language by my own life, which I really enjoy. It puts relevance to what I am learning, its not just about saying hello, my name is, I like eating… its about being given the tools to hold a conversation with someone in another language. Our lessons have taught me to communicate with people, not just talk to people. My biggest weakness is listening comprehension, I need to have someone say the words to me, and hold that conversation in German, as listening to TV, YouTube is not enough for you to have proper social interactions.  What Sabina has done for me is given me the tools needed to understand sentences not just a word here or there, so when our lessons are over I know I have learned something specific and helpful to my language comprehension, which makes me feel good about myself.

Sabina takes the time to tailor a lesson to your needs, which is brilliant. For our lessons, I do want to learn the grammar, but I don’t want to drown in it, so she explains how and why sentences are structured in the way they are and what grammar to use. Then lets me use the sentences and grammar I have learned, without overloading my mind. This is very useful as the new information I am taught stays current. She sets me assignments to do between lessons, this is also very useful as it allows expansion on the lesson gone and a good basis for the next lesson, allowing me to learn quicker.

Most importantly though, if I have a question, if I don’t know what to say, if I can’t understand what I’m being told, I feel comfortable to ask for help, which to me, is very important. I would highly recommend her for any of your language learning needs.” Alex E. (Adult Learner – German Conversation Classes)



If you are in the local area, Spalding, Bourne, Peterborough or Boston and are looking for a private German tutor, or if you are in any other part of the world and would like to learn German online via Skype lessons, please do get in touch. Contact me whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level in German and looking to develop speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary or grammar.


I have availability morning, afternoons and week-day evenings to help with GCSE German, A Level German, as well as students who are struggling in KS3, for example. I also specialise in teaching beginners German from scratch, but can help anyone! Drop me a message today and let’s discuss your needs and goals for learning German.


Call Sabina on 07989 727981 or send an email to theidealteacher1 @ (all one word) to get a free no-obligation quotation and let’s discuss a plan that works well with your availability to reach your goals to learn German. The internet is a wonderful invention and we can learn German online, or in-person if you are in or near South Lincolnshire.