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How Can I Learn French Online?

In the 21st Century, we are so lucky, as we can not only learn French online through multiple digital channels, but we still have the ability to learn the language via more traditional formats, such as through books or with a tutor.

Below, you will find my TOP 5 TIPS to kick start your French learning journey online. If you already have some knowledge of the French language, you will also come across ways to help you to improve your French too!


1. Use French Learning Apps for Vocab and Grammar

duolingoNowadays, most people have a smart phone and so they can access free apps, such as Duolingo and Babbel to get started. You can spend just 5-15 minutes per day and learn French online via these extremely popular apps and learn words, grammar and sentences.

2. Listen To Podcasts

learn French with podcastsIf you have earbuds and you’re on the go, or you have a journey to work by car, then listen to some podcasts to tune your ear to French sounds and pronunciation. I’d recommend https://www.newsinslowfrench.com/ – weekly French podcasts for beginners. Listen for 5 minutes whilst writing down as many words as you recognise to get you started.

3. Immerse Yourself in The Culture with French Songs

learn French with podcastsYou could just listen aimlessly to songs for hours, which is still a great way to immerse yourself in the language. However, you may get a lot more from the activity if you try out https://lyricstraining.com/fr/ . It’s an amazing website which allows you to listen to French songs, karaoke style and fill in the gaps for missing words as you go along – easy, medium and difficult settings available. Not only will you hear the language, but you’ll be able to read and have a go at writing it too. This will expose you to lots of new words!

4. Read!

read French onlineLanguage learning is about communication, but before you can communicate, you need to have the words! Reading is a fabulous way to improve your vocabulary. Start short, with children’s books, such as: https://www.thefrenchexperiment.com which includes short French children’s stories with audio and/or video – ideal for beginners and intermediate students. Make sure you make a list of new words that come up and try to learn them with apps such as Quizlet.

5. Speak

Often, French learners are enthusiastic about learning the language and develop their vocabulary and reading skills, but find communicating in French incredibly difficult; mainly due to inconsistent or lack of speaking practice. To overcome that, you need to find French speakers to communicate with. Obviously, that’s sometimes easier said than done! If you need a starting point, then a French tutor can certainly be a good way ti improve this skill. As this post offers ways to learn French online, you can easily learn French in the comfort of your own home!

PRIVATE language tutor contact detailsOnline French teachers teach through bespoke professional teaching platforms, but often, these types of French lessons can be quite pricey. Many teachers also tutor French privately on the phone (if video chat isn’t important), but also via Skype if you’d like to see the person you are talking to. Prices usually start from around £20+ for a quality French tutor with experience and relevant qualifications.

I hope my 5 top tips to kick start learning French online will get you on the right path to achieve your French learning goals.

If you are looking to learn French with books as a beginner, then check out: Unlocking French by Paul Nobes, as well as my list of 85+ Essential Websites To Learn French Online for Students .


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