Private GCSE French Tutor

Supportive, Enthusiastic and Successful Private French GCSE Tutor

private French GCSE tutorFirstly, students need a little extra support to achieve their potential in their French GCSEs. Teachers and GCSE French revision guides can play a part in improving confidence at GCSE level, but a private GCSE French tutor can work wonders. Therefore, whether you have two years to complete your GCSE French exams, one year, six months or even lesson, you’ll be surprised at how much a private GCSE French tutor could help.

Online and In-Person Private GCSE French Tuition

learn French onlineOur French tuition helps GCSE French pupils with private, one-to-one tuition to meet their language needs. The 60-minute lessons include: speaking, listening, reading and writing, translation, vocabulary and grammar to help them feel more at ease with their GCSE French examinations. This can be achieved with private French lessons online, but also with one-one French lessons in person. We are based in West Pincbeck, near Spalding in South Lincolnshire. 

private GCSE french tutorThere is definitely a method to passing French exams and feeling confident in doing so. We will share tips, develop skills and practise exam technique to help you achieve the grades you need or are looking for for the next stage of your life.

With us, you will find a qualified, successful and experienced GCSE French tutor who can definitely help anyone of any age to achieve their dream grade at GCSE French level, by developing confidence, exam skills and understanding of the French language.

Topics and Exam Boards Covered with Private French Tuition

Above all, our private GCSE French tutor has experience with all types of French GCSE (including iGCSE), as well as exam boards offering French GCSE (including AQA, Edexcel and WJEC). In addition, we are competent in teaching all relevant topics related to GCSE French and their relevant French examination rubrics.

Examples of French GCSE Topics Covered

1. Me, my family and friends (relationships, family, friends, marriage/partnership)
2. Technology in everyday life ( social media / mobile technology)
3. Free-time activities (music / cinema and TV / food and eating out / sport)
4.  Customs and festivals in French-speaking countries/communities
5. Home, town, neighbourhood and region
6. Social Issues ( Charity / voluntary work / healthy/unhealthy living)
7. Global issues (the environment / poverty/homelessness)
8. Travel and tourism
9. Studies (Life at school / college / education post-16 / jobs, career choices and ambitions)

Private French GCSE lessons are usually 60-minutes long, although 90-minute lessons are possible. They include preparation, lesson materials and homework prepared by our professional GCSE French tutor. No two lessons are the same and all GCSE French classes are tailored to the student. No matter what you want to learn to achieve your French GCSE grade, tell us and we will be happy to adapt lessons to your needs.

private French GCSE tutorInterested in possible private French lessons, either online or in-person with a qualified GCSE French tutor? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are friendly, passionate and ready to answer all of your questions. GCSE French tuition starts at £25 for a quality French teacher who will be happy to help you achieve results with friendly, interactive and innovative lessons.


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