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Home Education GCSE German – Part of Your Home Schooling Journey

Why Learn GCSE German as a Home Educated Student?

Language learning can be extremely rewarding . Studying for a German GCSE as part of your home schooling journey is no different. Open up your child’s mind to different cultures, people and help them to improve their communication skills. Do it alone or with the help of a GCSE German home school tutor!

When to Start Learning German for GCSE Level

You can start learning German as part of your home education journey from KS2 to pick up the basics and then build on this knowledge in KS3. You could take an iGCSE or a GCSE from any exam board, including AQA, WJEC or Eduqas, for example. Alternatively, you can simply start at age 14-16. It usually takes around 2 years from scratch to achieve a GCSE German qualification if you have dedication and can commit to 2-3 hours of study and a weekly lesson.

Get In Touch for a No-Obligation Chat and to Discuss Your Needs for Home Education GCSE German

homeschooling GCSE German tutorIf you’d like a home schooling tutor for GCSE German, please do get in touch to discuss options. I have had excellent results and helped students achieve grades 8,9 and A* in their GCSE examinations. Additionally, I have helped students build confidence and improve their grades by at least 2 within 4-6 months!

gcse german tutor reviewsTake a look at all my language tutoring reviews, which includes home educated student reviews for German. Contact me by email or phone to discuss your needs and get more information. Prices start from £30/hour. I teach online across the world, as well as locally at my premises in South Lincolnshire, which is easy access from Stamford, Bourne, Spalding, Boston, Sleaford and surrounding areas.

Recent GCSE German Tutor Review:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  John Parkin, Father of Homeschooled GCSE German Student
My daughter, who is home-educated, has been working towards GCSE German with Sabina for about 9 months. She started as an absolute beginner and has made remarkable progress. She looks forward to her lessons, is motivated to do her homework, and is enjoying the subject. Sabina is friendly, professional and well organised, and her teaching has a clear structure, direction and purpose. Altogether ideal, in fact.

How Will Having a GCSE German Qualification Really Help?
Learn German

Having a GCSE German qualification could open doors in the future, including for work and travel. Particularly, since the language is spoken by more than 100 million people across the world and it was classed as the most useful language by managers in a recent survey.

They speak the German language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, as well as in other pockets of the world. Knowing German could take the stress away and make travelling to these countries more enjoyable. There are some great ski resorts and holiday destinations in many of these countries and speaking the language could help!

If you need a home schooling German tutor for home educated children, please get in touch. I can help them get a GCSE German qualification through high quality tuition during their home schooling journey.