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Treat Me To A Coffee?

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Be kind, treat me a coffee for my FREE French and German resources

If you appreciate my work and I have saved you time, even if you have just used one download (which equates to approximately £50 if I were paid at minimum wage rate for a resource…), consider treating me to a coffee (CLICK IMAGE TO THE LEFT OR THE LINK BELOW).

You can leave a donation of however much you like, £1 to any figure you like. It all helps. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You can read why I would be grateful, please read below.

Have you subscribed toHave you subscribed to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL? More useful French and German teaching/learning materials there to save you time!

I have been a qualified ESL, French and German teacher for over 14 years – that’s a very long time and it’s flown by!

One of the most fun parts of teaching for me is making useful and creative resources for my students. I shared my first resource of TES in my training year when my visiting mentor said that my Y7 French Colours Resources were fabulous and I should consider sharing them.  Had she not made that suggestion, I probably wouldn’t have this website or the hundreds of French, German and ESL teaching resources that I have been sharing since then. That 1+ hour’s worth of lesson material with activities and a poem was chargeable. However, every single French and German resource on my website is absolutely FREE.

On average, I spend around 5 hours creating a resource and writing a blog post or video. I do it because I love it. However, I do have a little pop up to request a donation for my work, as I am giving up my time to share with fellow teachers and other students. You may/may not be surprised to know that I barely get any donations.

Whilst I don’t like to ask for donations, it will help me to keep doing what I do. I am a full-time working mum, with a baby, a husband and a home to take care of. I often make the resources after everyone has gone to sleep or before my family wakes up. Sometimes, I sacrifice weekends to add more content – boo hoo, right?! 




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