• Fun No Prep Low Prep Games for the MFL Classroom

    Fun Games for The MFL Classroom Low-Prep

    Fun Language Games To Engage Learners in the MFL Classroom Games are defined as ‘activities that one engages in for amusement or fun’. Nowadays, when learners think about their language lessons, they don’t usually synonymy them with the expression fun.…

  • using loo roll to teach speaking

    Fun Speaking Activity for First Lesson in Language Classrooms

    Want to get some weird looks and questions from your family when packing for a new term of college? Get some toilet roll out…! Ready for a fun speaking activity during first lessons in any language classroom. The ‘Loo’ Roll Speaking…

  • Reflective Practice

    The Ideal Teacher’s Reflective Teaching – Issue 1

    Reflective Practice in Teaching This week was the first week back to school for The Ideal Teacher after the Easter holidays and although it went quickly, it was pretty intense! I came straight home on Monday at 5pm and went…