• the vocabulary challenge - words with two vowels

    Vocabulary Challenges for the Language Classroom

    VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES FOR THE LANGUAGE CLASSROOM It is important to encourage students’ vocabulary development so that they have the necessary language and skills to succeed in communicating and understanding any language. One way of implementing this strategy in the language classroom is to incorporate…


    Teaching Activity Of The Week – Edition 5

    TEACHING IDEA OF THE WEEK – EDITION 5 – SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS CHALLENGE This week, I used a really good starter in my English lessons (adaptable to French, German and Spanish etc). The teaching activity got my students thinking as soon…

  • Essen und Trinken Emojis

    Emojis Vocabulary Builder – Condensed Version

    The Emoji Mindmap Trend Last year, I saw Dannielle Warren using the Emoji Mindmap that she had put together from a Google image, which included a massive number of emojis to annotate on to recap and improve vocabulary, the idea…