• using loo roll to teach speaking

    Fun Speaking Activity for First Lesson in Language Classrooms

    Want to get some weird looks and questions from your family when packing for a new term of college? Get some toilet roll out…! Ready for a fun speaking activity during first lessons in any language classroom. The ‘Loo’ Roll Speaking…

  • jenga activity for spontaneous speaking

    Jenga Activity for Spontaneous Speaking – Language Tip of the Week

    Jenga Activity for Spontaneous Speaking Language Classroom Teaching Tip of the Week This week’s language classroom teaching activity of the week is an add-on to my recent post, Low-Prep Spontanous Speaking Activities for the Language Classroom (go and check it out…

  • low prep spontaneous speaking activities

    Low Prep Speaking Activities for The Language Classroom

    What speaking activities do you use in your classroom to practise spontaneous speaking? As you might know, I teach French, German and English which keeps me very busy! Although I teach many different groups of students, one common element  is…