• 10 mfl ideas for open evenings

    Low-Prep & Fun Open Evening Ideas for MFL

    10 Fun, Low-Prep MFL Open Evening Ideas Wow future linguists with the FUN ideas and activities below which are extremely low-prep and most of which are very low-cost for MFL Open Evenings I rarely enjoyed taking part in Y4/5/6 open…

  • Keep Calm and Summarise

    Reading Summary Challenge with A Twist – Tip Of The Week 8

    Would an activity for reading comprehension be useful for your language classes next week? If so, this week’s teaching tip of the week ‘Reading Summary Challenge’ could be just for you! Reading Summary Challenge with a Twist Today’s teaching activity…

  • Teaching Tip Of The Week

    Teaching Tips of The Week For The Language Classroom

    Teaching Tips and Ideas To Use In The Classroom Each Week I come across brilliant teaching ideas and teaching tips that would be fantastic to use in the modern language classroom or English Language classroom daily. Unfortunately, I don’t do…