the ideal teacher


the ideal teacherWho Is The Ideal Teacher?

I am Miss D, a ridiculously passionate teacher, currently teaching languages at secondary school level in the UK. I am most certainly not ‘The Ideal Teacher’…yet! However, I am on a mission to make myself into the best possible teacher. My motto is: teach・reflect・discuss・learn・create・repeat and this is what I hope (along with hard work and dedication) will aid me to achieve my goal.

Ever since I was 11 years old, my only real ambition in life was to communicate in different languages (literally, that’s all I wanted to do, day and night). So, when in 2015, I came across the opportunity to do secondary teacher training in French and German, which would mean that I would be sharing my love of the languages with young people, I jumped at the chance and embarked upon the SCITT, QTS and a PGCE training and qualifications. Since then, I have been teaching modern foreign languages in secondary schools locally.

By trade, I am a digital marketeer with 10 years experience but I started teaching ESOL to adults in 2009, after completing my Cert.TESOL qualification at a local college, which I am pretty sure was my calling. Teaching English to people from all over the world who wanted to learn the language was an absolute dream; my passion and enthusiasm for these students and my subject meant that I was pretty good at my job.

Trying to teach languages to young people who have been forced to study a subject they have no interest in is quite different to teaching adults who want to learn a language and this is where this website comes in… I love a challenge.

Through my motto, I aim to develop engaging lessons with meaningful input and useful resources which will help students, not only to learn to communicate using the languages I teach, but also to get the best possible grades they can at GCSE and A Level.

I hope the resources and reflections of ‘The Ideal Teacher’ (!) will be useful to other teachers, as well. You can check them all out on The Home Page.