• the vocabulary challenge - words with two vowels
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    Vocabulary Challenges for the Language Classroom

    VOCABULARY ACTIVITIES FOR THE LANGUAGE CLASSROOM It is important to encourage students’ vocabulary development so that they have the necessary language and skills to succeed in communicating and understanding any language. One way of implementing this strategy in the language classroom is to incorporate a number of opportunities for students to reflect on words they already know, have exposure to words they should know, as well as have the opportunity to use and recycle this vocabulary in ‘authentic’ conversations and interactions. Vocabulary challenges are a brilliant way to get students focused in the language classroom and showcase their knowledge. In addition, these activities also allow learners to acquire even more knowledge from their peers.…

  • 10 fun ways to teach and learn vocabulary Instagram
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    10 Fun Ideas To Teach Vocabulary In Your Classroom

    Learning Vocabulary Both from personal and professional experience, learning and being able to use vocabulary is a vital component to having confidence and being successful in communicating in any foreign language. Therefore it is important to teach vocabulary well to help students acquire and use the language, as well as develop that confidence. I recently travelled to Spain and managed to communicate with hand gestures and the words I remembered from doing my GCSE in one year, in 2003. I didn’t need grammar, because I could communicate with the words I knew and recognised. However, I certainly would have felt more confident if I had had more vocabulary in my brain.…