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100+ French Adjectives That Are More Interesting Than Intéressant


amazing french adjectives to use instead of intéressantHow to avoid using ‘intéressant‘ as an French adjective for GCSE/iGCSE and equivalent levels

As a French teacher, as with many other French teachers, the amount of times I’ve seen or heard the French adjective: ‘intéressant’ used to offer an opinion or provide justifications is far too many! In fact, I even know that some French teachers go so far as to ban the word! Do you have an issue with the overuse of ‘intéressant’ in your lessons, or as a French student? If so, how have you overcome it?

The Problem with ‘Intéressant’:

Obviously, ‘intéressant’ as an adjective has its place in speech and written work. However, the issue is that its constant repetition can make students’ writing and speech feel rather uninteresting! If you need a way to enhance your students’ or your own French vocabulary by topic, then having alternatives to avoid it is useful. Let’s introduce our students to a colourful palette of French adjectives that will make their language sparkle!

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The Ultimate French Adjective Resource  – Make it More Interesting Than’Intéressant’:

To make this ‘intéressant’ avoidance journey easier, I hope this PDF handout will be useful! 

My brand-new FREE French adjectives resource, “100+ Better French Adjectives That Are More Interesting than Intéressant for GCSE Success,” is a list of adjectives separated by topic. It is completely tailored to the GCSE French syllabus of AQA. In addition, it is very well suited to French Edexcel and WJEC GCSE boards, as well as the Cambridge iGCSE and Edexcel iGCSE exam boards.

download theidealteachers resource here

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GCSE French Adjectives By Topic Covered:

  1. la famille

  2. les sentiments

  3. les gens

  4. l’internet

  5. les passe-temps

  6. les fêtes et les traditions

  7. la maison

  8. les vacances

  9. l’environnement

  10. la santé

  11. l’école

  12. le travail

How to Use This Intéressant Handout/Worksheet/Display Poster?:

Integrate this resource into your lesson plans and encourage students to incorporate these adjectives into their written and spoken work in lessons and for homework. Make it a game, a challenge, or even a weekly vocabulary contest – whatever will engage them the most! You could also use it as a display poster that students can refer to in your language classroom. I haven’t provided the translations, as the point is to get students familiar with alternative adjectives and so they have to put a bit of work in!

  1. Provide students with the full list to put somewhere safe to use over the course.
  2. Translate at the beginning of the topic, either in pairs or individually. Then learn them for a vocab test in the middle of the topic. YAWN.
  3. Provide ample opportunities to allow students to use these alternatives to intéressant encourage students to choose 3-4 new adjectives per topic and use their preferred alternatives to interessant in any writing and speaking tasks they do.

You might find my video on ‘Fun Ways to Teach Vocabulary‘ useful to use in addition.

Why Do French Students Need This Better Adjectives Than Intéressant Resource?

I have created the handout to empower students to become wordsmiths, expressing themselves with precision and creativity. As language teachers, our goal is not just to teach a language but to foster a love for it and hopefully, this poster/handout/cheat sheet will allow French students to really express themselves, avoiding repetition.

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