Das deutsche Schulsystem
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Das deutsche Schulsystem – Listening Activity

Das deutsche Schulsystem

When I was at school I needed all the help I could get, to get my head around the German school system! Therefore, I’ve put together a resource, which could either be used as revision, or as an introduction into das deutsche Schulsystem.

Why not use it in your German GCSE lessons with students taking either the Higher paper or the foundation paper when teaching the topic of ‘School’? You could also use it in your German lessons with private GCSE German students, which is what I did.

What are the resources included for ‘das deutsche Schulsystem’?

You will find an audio file (MP3) and a direct transcript (word document) that you can download just below.

Audio File: The audio file is about 2 minutes 20 seconds in length. The voice is a native male speaker and includes information about primary school and different types of secondary school. AGs, A-Levels and opportunities after school are also mentioned. The audio is very clear and of excellent quality.

das deutsche Schulsystem listening trancript

Word Document: The word document contains a direct transcript of what is said in the audio file. You can download the transcript by clicking the button just below.

If you do download and find it useful, please consider leaving a small donation. I make all the resources myself and whilst I love to share, it is very time consuming!

The great thing is that my student who is aiming for an 8 at GCSE found this German School System activity useful as a listening and speaking task. He picked up some new vocabulary and revised the school system in a bit more detail than he had learnt at school.

How did I use the listening activity and the transcript?

I asked my student to listen for understanding twice. Then he had to explain the German school system to me in German from what he had understood. We then looked at the transcript, clarified new words. Finally, he made a few extra notes and then he re-told me what he’d understood, along with new information. He did this without looking at the transcript or his notes.

You could also get students to draw a diagram from what they have understood about the German school system beforehand. This would allow for a slightly differentiated approach.

If you download the files, please let me know what you think, by leaving me a little message below! Thank, -Sabina

p.s. Are you a language teacher and looking for more ways to develop listening in the language classroom? Consider having a look at this book of listening ideas and theory.


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