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French Songs for GCSE French Classrooms

French Songs for French LessonsMotivate French GCSE Students with French Songs In Your GCSE Classroom Today

Get some brilliant French songs for GCSE and suggestions by topic below!

For me, music has always been an instrumental part of learning a language. As a student, I listened to French songs whilst studying, as well as in my free-time. This routine continued into my university days. Even today, ten years on, I still remember all the words to Je te promets by Zaho (2008) and Ça mousse by Superbus (2008)! I was able to improve my pronunciation, develop my vocabulary and learn about a range of singers and groups from different French speaking countries. All of this has helped to make me a better French speaker today. 

Which French Songs Do I Use In My French Lessons?

My love of foreign music has continued and I still keep up-to-date with new music from German, Spanish and French speaking countries. In addition, it’s something that I enjoy sharing with my GCSE French students. In the past, I have used French songs, such as Nino Ferrer – ‘Les cornichons’ to teach food and Stromae’s ‘Papaoutai‘, to begin a discussion into modern families in the classroom. I find that I am constantly looking for suitable songs to use in my French GCSE lessons, whether to use as introductions to topics, as talking points, or to illustrate differences between French and English culture. This can, clearly, be very time consuming. Therefore, I have compiled this three page list of fabulous contemporary and classic French songs for the AQA French GCSE classroom that you can download by clicking on the button just below.

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The list of French songs contains 45 French songs, specifically for the French GCSE classroom. You will find the artist’s name, the song title, as well as a link to one of the best quality version’s of the video that I could find on YouTube.

If you’re interested in having all the songs ready for you to use in one place, or if you would like to share a playlist of all of these French songs with your students, you could also subscribe to my YouTube channel and the playlist with all 45 French songs for learning French too!


I really want to say a BIG THANK YOU to anyone who gave me a suggestions through my requests recently. Although I have added quite a few of the songs, there may be some that I am missing. If you think I am missing a great song, please leave the title and artist, as well as the GCSE theme it relates to below. I will be happy to update the resource over the coming months if necessary!

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  1. Thank you very for this resource. I’ve just found this and it looks very interesting. I look forward to reading more of what you have written. Merci beaucoup! Fiona

  2. Great to hear that you have found it useful!

    I hope my upcoming resources are just as helpful to you. Have you subscribed to my emails to keep up-to-date with the latest resources? You can do so in the menu at the side of the website, or right at the bottom if not. – Sabina

    1. You need to click the pink ‘Download Resource’ and a pop up should come up. You then will see a link to the file at the bottom of the pop up box. You might have a pop up blocker installed, so if that’s the case, you might need to disable that. I hope that helps! It’s had over 250 downloads so far. Hopefully that does help though. -Sabina

    1. Have you tried the suggestions I left for ‘UneFrog’? Which browser are you using and do you have Adobe Reader installed?

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