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Holidays in Germany – GCSE German Listening Lesson with Transcript & Activities

holidays_in_germanyGCSE German Listening Lesson on ‘Reisen und Tourismus’ in Germany for Intermediate Language Learners

There aren’t enough GCSE German listening resources online for listening practice. Especially listening materials for the topic of holidays in Germany or for intermediate (A2-B1) level learners. So, I have created this GCSE German listening lesson on ‘Reisen und Tourismus’ in Germany to fill the gap! Feel free to use with your GCSE German students for listening practice or reading practice on the ‘Tourismus in Deutschland’ topic. You can download the audio file and the two-page word document below.

holidays and tourism gcse german listening lessonWho Use This Tourism GCSE German Listening Lesson And What’s Included?

My GCSE German listening lesson comes  with an authentic MP3 audio file voiced by a native German speaker. It also includes a verbatim transcript and five to six GCSE German activities across a two-page word document. The theme is holidaying in Germany and has been created, specifically to practise listening comprehension and develop topic-related vocabulary. It has also been written by a native German speaker and so there is an element of authenticity and culture, which I believe learners will appreciate.

The tasks included in the second page of the two-page Word Document  aim to exploit the topic of tourism in Germany. As well as listening comprehension questions, there is also a speaking and writing task. Both can be adapted with bullet points (if required) to fit with German GCSE level exam specifications. The intermediate level German listening lesson is perfect for individual work, as well as for pair work and small group work. 

When Can This GCSE German Listening Lesson be Used?

The listening lesson and related activities could be used as an introduction to the ‘Reisen und Tourismus’ topic, as well as for consolidation and revision for German GCSE listening and reading examinations. It is ideal for GCSE German students in year 10 and year 11. Students can use it for revision at home, as well as German teachers in the classroom. Since it is intermediate level, you can use it for A2 and B1 CEFR language learners too.

GCSE Listening on HoReisen und Tourismus in Deutschland-1lidays

The MP3 audio file (2 minutes and 33 seconds) contains detailed and recyclable information about holidays in Germany:

  1. Holiday destinations in Germany
  2. How to get to these places
  3. Accommodation
  4. What types of holidays German people enjoy with advantages and disadvantages

    Download the MP3 audio file here >

    Download the Transcript and Activities Document Here > 
Can Students Benefit from Using This German GCSE ‘Tourismus in Deutschland’ Lesson?

The audio file is voiced by a German male native speaker, at a medium speed and includes the main elements to cover this German holidays GCSE topic in a challenging, yet manageable manner. It includes the perfect range of vocabulary, tenses, as well as key phrases for the topic which can be recycled. The transcript and questions could also be used as a holidaying reading lesson for cover lessons.


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German Listening Practice for Intermediate Level Students


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DOWNLOAD THE RESOURCE HERE > Holidays and Tourism in Germany – German Listening Practice and Transcript