21 Amazing Free Websites for Remote Learning in Language Lessons

An amazing list of free websites for modern language lessons which are perfect for remote language lessons and distance learning. I have used them in my French and German GCSE lessons, as well as with my ESL groups.

I have found they have really helped with my planning, lessons and feedback giving too. Enjoy! Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below.

1. Remove.bg –  removes the background on images 

2. Spiral.ac –  best used in live lessons for discussion work. Students don’t need a log in. You just share the link.

3. Teachermade.com – upload any worksheet you already have and it makes it digital for students to type their work in to. It even marks the work! 

4. Flippity –  interactive activities and worksheets. You just share the link. It’s a little fiddley to get started, but once you’ve got the hand of how it works, you’re away!

5. Kahoot –  most of us have probably used this as a live game in class but you can also set them as homework / tasks with a deadline.

6. Memrise – you can set learning tasks/games for students here just by sharing a link and you can track progress etc very easily.

7. Seneca learning –  1000s of pre made revision resources and assignments for GCSE. Once you have found one you like you just share it with your students.

8. Classtools.net – an oldy but a goody to make interactives tasks for students. 

9. Answer garden – ask a question and students type their answer and it collates into a “garden” (think of it as an interactive and live brainstorm) – just share the link with students.

10. Edupuzzle -make interactives activities for students either make your own or use pre-made ones – just share the link with students.

11. Wordwall –  make interactive activities / tasks for students and share the link (can also track progress with this)

12. Educandy –  make interactive tasks and quizzes etc for students and just share the link.

13. Blooket – similar to kahoot but instead of just a quiz they are tested through games also – can make your own or use pre-made ones and just share the link and code with students.

14. Learn around the world – virtual school trips

15. Quizalize – like Kahoot and blooket – just share the link with students

16. Canva –  if you want to make “fancy” / “pretty” worksheets

17. Vocaroo – for students and yourself to record answers/ questions – students record themselves and it create a personalised URL for you to listen. I have been using a lot to give feedback and add the link into the Teams assignment feedback box,

18. Flipgrid – this is a way to record a video / just audio for students or yourselves and is shared via URL. 

19. Quizizz – like Kahoot etc -just share the link with students.

20. Quizlet – amazing for vocabulary practice. I have the Pro version so I can get insights into students’ progress but the free version is still amazing for isolated topic vocabulary practice.

21. Mentimenter – free website for students to give live answers to questions. Give them the link and a code.



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