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How To Increase Engagement In Language Lessons with Remote Learning

Helping Language Teachers Save Time With Easy To Implement Remote Teaching Ideas, Tips, Tricks and Websites

A WORK IN PROGRESS come back soon to get all the great ideas!

I recently started teaching from school again in my new role as a German and French language teacher, after a two year break of private language tutoring. During this period of time I had, in my opinion, quite successfully been using technology to teach my private French and German students.

I have been an advocate of Flippity for ages and have used Skype, Zoom and MS Teams for the last few years. I hope that these ideas on ‘how to improve remote learning engagement in language lessons’ with tips and tricks help you to feel more confident teaching languages remotely online. As well as fabulous websites will help to save you time during this period of remote teaching.

At the beginning of January, I was expecting students to be in the classroom. I felt excited to be able to combine my traditional teaching methods with more modern teaching techniques using technology in the classroom; socially distanced, of course! Unfortunately, with the announcement of the staggered return system for students coming back to school and then the newer announcement that students wouldn’t be coming back until at least after the February half term, I was left thinking how can I make my lessons engaging, enjoyable with a focus on progress using technology when:

a) I don’t know any of the students

b) I can’t see the students

c) not all students have a microphone 


The ideas below combine all of this, along with ensuring my students progress.


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