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6 French Listening GCSE Websites To Improve Skills

6 LFrench Listening Websites for GCSEWhy Improve French Listening Skills for GCSE?

For the revised 9-1 AQA GCSE French examinations from 2016, each skill: speaking, listening, reading and writing now accounts for 25% of the overall GCSE French grade. In addition, ‘students must enter at one tier for all four skills, not a combination of both’ (AQA Summary Of Changes). Therefore, developing a solid foundation to improve French listening skills is a vital component to being successful in the subject.

There have also been changes in the allocation of marks. For example, ‘the requirement for students to manipulate and make more independent use of the target language’ (AQA Summary of Changes). As well as are other added pressures. Such as: ensuring that the teaching of the 9-1 syllabus has been completed, often in mixed tier classrooms, as well as assuring students have been taught the new skills required for these revised exam effectively. Thus, less time left in the classroom to practise each skill adequately.

Therefore, with the suggestions of others, I have created a list of 6 Useful French Listening Websites for GCSE with a short description of what to expect, which students can easily access in the classroom. French students will also be able to access these listening websites from home or on the way to and from school, should they wish. Please see below for links to the french listening websites for students. Additionally, should you wish to give a handout directly to French students, please download the document resource link at the bottom of this post.

6 Useful Websites To Improve French Listening Skills for GCSE

1. 1 Jour 1 Actu – News website with colourful short videos about many different current affairs topics
2. Ilini – Short News clips and songs – beginner, intermediate and advanced options
3. Coffee Break French – short podcasts on many topics related to holidays, fruit, veg, food etc with French and English to set the scene
4. Audio Lingua – topic and level related clips, A1 = beginner / B1 = intermediate
5. Easy French – short videos on many topics such as talking about the past, breakfast etc – lots of videos down the right hand side
6. Lyrics Training – French songs with interactive gap filling activities with different levels of difficulty:

Let me know if you use the suggestions or have any more that I can add to the document.

6 French GCSE Listening Websites Practice (1888 downloads)

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