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House Assembly Idea – Doing The Right Thing

Its Always The Right Time To Do The Right Thing Quote

Doing The Right Thing Assembly Idea – My First Ever!

This week, my vertical form is up to take the house assembly and, apart from it being my first ever house assembly, it has been quite a stressful event! The theme for this term is ‘Taking Responsibility’ and seeing as it’s nearly Easter and thus, the end of term, the topic has been pretty well covered and we are running out of great assembly ideas based around this topic, hence the stress levels.

A few weeks ago, I found a link to a YouTube video, which I thought could relate well to the assembly idea, cryptically entitled: A Video That Will Change Your Life , which shows a group of young people doing graffiti on the side of a building, and a boy who then proceeds to be kind, which rubs off on others, culminating in a large group of people painting over the graffiti.

Doing The Right Thing Assembly

A member in my form suggested that we could develop the theme of ‘Taking Responsibility’ and branch off into ‘Doing The Right Thing’. So, this is what we did!

The students got into groups of four/five and discussed what they could talk about to bring our idea to life. We finally settled on local news (people helping in Scotland during the recent snow storms), international news (natural disasters and help given through time and money), as well as promoting change within society (Rosa Parks) and also sportsmanship (doing the right thing but also showing doing the wrong thing).

I hoped three 25 minute form times would be enough to think, discuss, research and prepare an assembly idea good enough to be presented to the whole house in our secondary, but it really wasn’t…

This has meant that I have had to work on the house assembly a bit myself. Anyway, I have just finished off the PowerPoint with links included in the notes. Fingers crossed my first ever house assembly goes well!

Key Takeaways for Preparing For Your First House Form Assembly

  1. Don’t leave planning the assembly ideas until the last minute (unless high stress levels are your thing)
  2. Make sure you have a message which is running through the assembly
  3. If you can, embed any videos into the PPT. Unfortunately, my version of PPT isn’t compatible with embedding YouTube videos.
  4. Have some music running as people come in. I chose John Mayer’s song ‘Waiting On The World To Change’.

I shall add some more soon once we’ve done the assembly. PPT below with all the links in it!

EDIT: so today is the day after the night before and the assembly went fairly well. If you do this and your form has prepared a decent amount for each of the slides, I would leave out the ‘Pay It Foward’ bit. All in, the assembly lasted 15 minutes. If you use our house assembly idea or download it, please do leave a comment with your thoughts. What have been your best house assembly ideas?

/ MissD

Doing The Right Thing Taking Responsibility Assembly Idea PPT

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