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73 Questions About The Ideal Teacher

73 questions about me theidealteacherHave you ever seen Vogue’s 73 Questions? If not, go and check it out, after you’ve read this post about TheIdealTeacher, obviously!

I enjoy watching Vogue’s 73 questions pitched to celebrities, which allows the general public to take a peek into the homes and lives of many talented people in the public eye. Although I strongly believe that celebs are just normal people, it’s still interesting to hear them answer personal questions that gives an further insight into them as human beings.

In this same vein and since I haven’t really shared too much about myself over the last one and a half years since creating this website, I’ve decided to pinch the concept and share a little bit more about me with my readers.

I’ve got 73 random questions, which I’ve tried to answer in a succinct manner, much like in Vogue’s 73 questions videos.

I hope it gives you a little insight into my life inside and outside of teaching! Read on for more information about The Ideal Teacher!

73 Questions About The Ideal Teacher (Aspiring, Of Course!)

theidealteacher husband1.What’s the best thing that happened to you this month? I celebrated my husband’s first married birthday with him and my family last week.
2. What is something you’re tired of? The Brexit saga
3. What is something that recently moved you? An old student’s kindness
4. If you could teach one subject in school what would it be? Languages (technically that’s three subjects: French, German or English)
5. What’s your favourite beverage? Black coffee
6. What’s your favourite holiday destination? USA – there’s so much to see
7. What is your favourite language? German, even though it sounds unreasonably harsh! 
8.What is one thing you still have from your childhood? A remarkable family
9. What is your favourite film? Hacksaw Ridge
10. What is something you can’t do? There are many, but we’ll go with a press-up, although I’m working on it.
theidealteacher family11. What is one habit you wish you could break? Eating all the cake
12. What makes you laugh, no matter what? My husband, Sebastian
13. What does creativity mean to you? Trying something new
14. What are your favourite lyrics of all time? “Say what you need to say” – John Mayer
15. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do? Packing everything up and travelling the world until I’ve seen it all (although there’s still time for that!)
16. Best advice for your 19-year-old self? Spending the next ten years being obsessed about the weight on the scales isn’t going to make you happy!
17. If you could raid one woman’s closet who would it be? Alexa Chung
18. Must have purse item? Lip balm
19. What did you want to do with your life at age 12?Something with French and German
20. What is something you will not be doing in ten years? Wasting so much time on social media or with my face glued to my phone, hopefully!
21. What is an important life lesson for someone to learn? “What goes around comes around” – be nice.
22. What is one goal you are determined to achieve in your lifetime? Be a polyglot
23. Would you ever live anywhere besides the UK? Yes, as long as I can move my family too
24. What is your favourite dessert? Cheesecake
25. Is there a dessert you don’t like? Most pastry ones
26. It’s brunch! What do you eat? Eggs Royale with the hollandaise sauce on the side
27. What’s the one thing you most regret? Being a bossy boots to my sister for too many years
28. Favourite Disney animal? Simba
29. What is your worst attribute?Being a control freak
30. What did you watch most recently?“Der Hauptmann”, don’t bother.
john mayer31. Favourite solo artist? John Mayer
32. What’s your favourite board game?Monopoly
33. What’s a city you wish to visit? Havana
34. Heels or flats?Flats, I’m 5’8, I don’t really need heels. Plus, I can’t actually walk in them
35. Where does one go on a perfect road trip? California
36. What do you do on a rainy day? Stay in bed and watch films
37. What’s your favourite exercise? Boxing
38. What was your worst subject in school? Maths
39. What is your spirit animal?I just took a quiz and apparently, it’s a turtle
40. What do you usually eat for breakfast?Yoghurt and Sugar Free Alpen
41. What do you usually eat for dinner?Not much
42. Cooking or Baking? Baking
43. Favourite baked good?Gooey chocolate chip cookies
44. What is something you wish you could be good at? Being flexible
45. Skiing or Surfing? Skiing
46. First celebrity crush? Jonathan Taylor Thomas (middle child in Home Improvement)
Elyas_MBarek47. Most recent celebrity crush? Elyas M’Barak
48. What colour was your prom dress? Silver
49. How do you manage stress? Go to sleep
50. What do you do to relax? Sleep or watch a film
51. Age when you first went to a concert? 20
52. Who did you see? Kanye West
53. Favourite fashion trend of all time? leggings
54. Best fashion advice you’ve ever received? My own – wear what you want!
55. Trend you would like to see disappear forever? Those things that make ridiculous sized holes in your ear.
56. Shoes or Bags?Bags
57. How do you know if you’re in love? You just know
58. Television show you’ve binged on recently? Suits (sad it’s over, end of an era)
59. Who do you turn to when you’re sad? My dad
60. Name one thing you’ve learned the hard way? You can’t do everything yourself
61. If you could make a documentary about anything what would it be? The life of teachers
62. What is your Kryptonite? Sweets
63. What are you most enchanted by? People who are always positive
64. What is your biggest strength?I don’t take rubbish from anyone
65. What is your biggest weakness? Cake
66. What are 3 words to describe living in the UK? a privilege, easy, wonderful
67. Cutest thing on planet earth? My nephews who are currently 2 and 3 years old
68. Most important advice you’d give your future children? Follow your gut
69. Best first date idea? A trip to the beach. Let’s go to the beach, beach!
70. Favourite flower? Brightly coloured ranunculi
71. What do you first notice about someone when you meet them? Their smile
72. What’s your guilty pleasure? Eastenders
73. Plans for the weekend? Eating cake and figuring out how to do a press-up?

So, there you have it. If you ever wanted to know more about The Ideal Teach, there you have it – 73 answered by the face behind TheIdealTeacher.com! If you have any other questions that you think I should have added, please post below and I’ll answer them for you. Enough about me, The Ideal Teacher…

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