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Excellent French Series & Films For Learners To Binge Watch

French TV shows to learn FrenchI enjoy ‘binge watching’ language series. That includes: French series, TV shows and films and I am always on the look out for new ones to watch. My favourite genres of French film and French series / TV shows include: thriller, horror, certain comedies, as well as romance. Need some French series or films to watch? Keep reading! Although more recommendations for excellent French series & films for students and myself are always welcome! 

Over the years, I have watched quite a number of French shows on TV, YouTube, Netflix and Prime, as well as on DVD. I recently recommended a couple of French series on my social channels and wanted to share a few other recommendations.

I’ve had a little think and started to create a list of French series and French films to watch that I think language learners would enjoy. Many are suitable for 15+ or 18+, but there are a few which would be suitable for school students too. I have looked through many similar lists, but the series they’ve recommended, aren’t ones that I would recommend!

Most of the recommended French shows and films below can currently be found on Netflix, Prime, YouTube or will be available to buy online from Amazon.

Extra French Series to Learn Language1. Extra French – FRENCH SERIES

Certificate: 12+
Level: CEFR A2-B1 Level
Watch It On: YouTube – bit.ly/2GBSpa5

I started learning French in 1999 at secondary school and vaguely remember watching this towards the end of my secondary school French career. Although, saying that, it might have been around A-Level times too! Whilst i
t’s definitely not the most intellectual French TV series you are ever going to see, it’s perfect for language learners.

The 13 episodes produced in French are a nice ways for students to listen to French while watching something light-hearted. As you can see, the titles follow CEFR relevant topics such as: shopping, meetings, work, holidays, relationships etc. All of which are topics that language learners would come across. Each episode is around 25 minutes long.

Some say Extra French is the French version of the hit sitcom ‘Friends’. I would disagree, but recommend it nonetheless!

Plan Coeur Hook Up Plan Bingeworthy French TV Show2. Plan Cœur (The Hook-Up Plan) – FRENCH SERIES

Certificate: 15
Level: Beginner+ (with subtitles in French or English)
Available to watch on: Netflix – Currently 2 Seasons 

This is the French show on Netflix that I posted about on my social networks recently. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for all students at secondary level, as it’s rated 15. It has a lot of swearing, sexual references and scenes. However, it might be suitable for Year 11 students (with parental permission), as well as A-Level French students, adult learners or equivalent! 

The main character is called Elsa and she’s struggling to come to terms with her last relationship which ended about 2 years ago. So her friends help her out… I won’t ruin the story line any further for you, but I binge watched both series over two consecutive evenings. It was highly addictive. The actors are very easy on the eye, the pace is excellent, there’s humour, romance and the both series deal with common themes, such as love and life.

Sound good? Plan cœur gets 5 stars from me as a French series to learn French. If anyone is looking for a fun, easy to watch French series to practise listening to or reading French (with the subtitles), I’d recommend this French show on Netflix. 

3. Ne le dit à personne (Tell No One – 2007 – French FILM)

Affiche du film Ne le dis à personne - Affiche 2 sur 2 - AlloCinéCertificate: 15
Suitable for: Beginner+ (with French subtitles)
Watch it on: DVD – Available To Buy Amazon
This French thriller is directed and co-written by Guillaume Canet. It stars: Francois Cluzet, Marie-Josée Croze and Kristin Scott Thomas among others. The story centres around a couple who go skinny dipping in a lake and have an argument. The wife swims ashore and is brutally murdered. An accidental discovery near a doctor’s estate stirs up some painful memories eight years after…

It’s got fantastic reviews and had me gripped from start to finish. Moreover, there are lots of famous French faces who you’ll probably recognise in other films.

4. Les adoptés (The Adopted – 2011 – French FILM)

Les adoptés (2011) - IMDbCertificate: 15
Suitable For: Beginner+ (with subtitles to help)
Watch it on: Prime – Available To Rent

This French film for students is best for the older teenagers and adults.

The story line of this French film to learn French? Lisa and her adopted sister Marine are inseparable. With Lisa’s mother, Millie, they’ve forged a deep bond and offer security to Lisa’s son. When Marine falls in love with someone, the family is thrown off balance and before they can catch their breath, tragedy strikes and the family must realign so they can turn loss into hope and love. There are sex scenes, a bit of violence and strong language, hence the 15 certificate. It’s a fairly slow paced film, but it’s a nice story and Mélanie Laurent is brilliant.

5. Dix Pour cent (Call My Agent – 2015 – French Series)

Certificate: 15
Suitable for: Intermediate+
Available: To Watch Online on Netflix or Buy on Dix Pour cent on Amazon

dix pour cent French series to learn FrenchI’ve nearly finished the first season of this French show, which started in 2015 and is still in production (as far as I am aware!) It’s the ideal French series for students who want something to get their teeth into.

From the outset, you can tell it’s a comedy, although not every laughing opportunity will make you laugh…! The basic plot is that talent agents working for the high-end company: ASK, juggle tricky situations whilst defending their vision of the business. They combine art and business, but their private and professional lives sometimes come into conflict. While struggling to save their talent agency which is shaken by the sudden death of its founder, four agents take us behind the scenes of the wild world of celebrity; where laughter, emotion, transgression and tears constantly collide.

It will have you hooked and there are quite a few episodes which I don’t think will disappoint!

6. Le Chalet (The Chalet – 2018 – French Series)

French series the Chalet to learn FrenchCertificate: 18
Suitable for: Intermediate+
Available: To Watch Online on Netflix

In search of a crime/thriller French series for students who are over eighteen.

This French Series first premiered in 2018. It’s a 6-part French TV show which focuses on two main groups of people in the town of Valmoline: a writer with writer’s block and his family, as well as a group of adults (who grew up in the town) and who come back for a kind of reunion for a wedding.

It’s a Crime/Thriller/Slasher combination with lots of twists and turns and, although in places, it’s a little confusing, the French series is quite gripping and offers lots of dialogues between the characters. Each episode is between around 47 minutes long and so if you binge watch the whole show, then it’ll take you most of the day!

Final point – these are just a few excellent French series for learners and films for students learning the language to binge watch! Please remember though, they do have age restrictions and some of the shows maybe unsuitable for younger learners. What is your favourite French series or film that helped you to improve your French?

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