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Amazing GCSE, A-Level German & French Tuition Results – New 2022

100% of iGCSE, GCSE German, French and A-Level German Achieve Target Grades or Higher!

In the first lesson that I have with my GCSE, iGCSE and A-Level French and German students, I always ask what grade they hope to achieve through their tuition. I keep a note of this and help them work towards this goal. A-Level French and German grades were announced 18th August in 2022 and GCSE French and German results were announced the week after on 25th August 2022. I am so pleased to advise that in 2022, 100% of my GCSE German, GCSE French and A-Level German and French tutees achieved their target grades. Moreover, a couple even achieved two grades higher. What an absolutely brilliant result!

As a language tutor, I am obviously delighted for my students in that I have been able to help them to achieve their targets. Despite this, all of my GCSE French, German and A-Level French students work hard and take my feedback on board to improve. Whilst I guide them with exam skills and activities that I know will help their weaker areas, these grades are due to their efforts.

I have added some of the feedback from tutoring and GCSE/A-Level French and German results below. This includes text messages and extracts from emails left by parents and students. I have removed names to protect identities.

A-Level German Tuition – Grades and Feedback from Tutees and Guardians

A-Level German Results from TutoringAQA A-LEVEL GERMAN TUTORING STUDENT 1 – This lovely, incredibly hard-working student got their target grade B in A-Level German. We worked on A-Level German tutoring for around 7 months online and their confidence improved from the very first lesson.
The tutee started off unsure how to improve and was lacking in confidence and struggling with exam skills when we began working together in October 2021. This student always did the homework that I set and took on feedback to develop their language skills over our AQA German A-Level lessons.
An absolutely amazing improvement – WELL DONE!


A-Level German Student Review of Tutoring via Ideal Teacher Language SchoolAQA A-LEVEL GERMAN TUTORING STUDENT 2In March 2022, I had COVID and got a call from a delightful lady asking for help for her niece, as her current AQA A-Level German tutor had gone AWOL. We really had to start from scratch, as there were quite a few gaps in the student’s knowledge. We began working on speaking with the speaking cards from past papers, I discussed the requirements for the IRP with her and we also went through some reading and listening papers. I also covered as much of the film Goodbye Lenin with her as I could. Thankfully, this A-Level German student passed, despite the limited time we had together and the gaps in her knowledge. In addition, her confidence improved immensely! WELL DONE!

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GCSE German Tuition – Grades and Feedback from Parents and Students This Year


GCSE German Foundation Tutoring Result 2022AQA GCSE GERMAN TUTORING STUDENT 1 – Last summer, before I went on my maternity break, I started working with a foundation AQA GCSE German student who felt lost, due to having a number of teachers leave during their course. In total, we had around 6 months of weekly online lessons and their confidence, exams skills and grades improved so much. This GCSE German student’s grade went from a 3 to a 5. What a brilliant result! 

AQA GCSE German Tutoring Result 2022AQA GCSE GERMAN TUTORING STUDENT 2 –  Around the same time as I started working with the German GCSE tutee above, I began working with a very enthusiastic GCSE German student who was keen to achieve a Grade 8 or higher. He was struggling with accuracy and vocabulary so we worked on grammar areas first to help develop  accuracy and we also developed topic-related vocabulary and worked on AQA GCSE German exam skills.

GCSE German Grade 9 Tutoring Review 1 GCSE German Grade 9 Tutoring ReviewGCSE GERMAN TUITION STUDENT 3 – I am SO pleased for this AQA GCSE German student and her grade 9. I worked with her for 2.5 years and she blossomed from a shy, unsure student into an exceptionally confident linguist – very well deserved! A bonus that she’ll be continuing her German studies onto A-Level in sixth form. Amazing result and feedback from mum and student.

iGCSE German Tuition – Grades and Feedback from Parents

CIE iGCSE German Tuition ReviewiGCSE GERMAN TUITION STUDENT – I have also worked with CIE IGCSE German students this year and here is some feedback from a parent of a student who achieved a grade 9. He was quite confident but was struggling with reading, listening and speaking skills so those are the areas we worked on, as well as building his iGCSE German topic related vocabulary.

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GCSE French Tuition – Grades and Feedback from Parents and Students in 2022

French GCSE Tuition Tutor Online UKI am lucky that I did a French and German degree at university, which means that I also enjoy tutoring French GCSE Students!

AQA HIGHER GCSE FRENCH TUTORING STUDENT 1 – This year, I worked with this AQA French GCSE student for just a few weeks to help him improve his exam skills in the lead up to his exams.

It’s great to hear that he got his ideal grade in his GCSE French examinations with just a bit of support in speaking (role play, general conversation, photo card) and translation from English to French.

French GCSE Tuition Tutor Online UK (1)AQA GCSE HIGHER FRENCH TUTORING STUDENT 2 – Another amazing result and which I am over the moon about was to hear that this GCSE French tutee got an 8 in her French GCSE examinations. We worked together online for around 6 months from January this year. Her confidence improved so much over this period and she did exceptionally well to get 3-4 grades higher than we started with! We developed exam skills in reading, writing, listening and we did lots of speaking. In addition, we developed some vocabulary and weaker grammar areas to help develop accuracy.

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Final Note on Amazing 2022 French and German GCSE, iGCSE and A-Level results

I started my French and German tutoring business in 2018, under the title The Ideal Teacher. I don’t class myself as ‘The Ideal Teacher’ by the way, it’s just the name of the website and something I’m aspiring towards!

Initially, I just had 4-5 students who came to my house and I taught them in my dining room. This included a GCSE German student, a homed-educated KS3 German learner, a year 7 French and German student, as well as an adult French beginner student and a German beginner student who all had weekly lessons. At the same time, I worked in a college teaching ESOL, as well as online working for a Business English language company teaching English to French and German employees.

Over the last 4 years, I have been lucky enough to make this tutoring business my main source of income and since 2020, the business has been known as the Ideal Teacher Language School. Whilst I do have a few students who still come to me for face-face French and German tuition in Spalding, I mainly tutor KS3, GCSE and A-Level students, as well as conversational French and German around the world online, including in the UAE, Cyprus, France and Germany. Working online and with students internationally, means that I can spend a good amount of time with my one-year old baby and balance my work around her.

This year‘s results are awesome and the best that I’ve had since I started my language tuition business. What’s even better, is that many of these students waited for me to have a 4-month maternity leave break from Sept 2021 to January 2022!

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If you are interested in French GCSE or A-Level tuition or GCSE German, iGCSE German or A-Level German tuition for yourself or a student you know, please DO GET IN TOUCH. I am really happy to say that 100% of my students achieved their target grade or higher in 2022 and I hope that I can help more students in 2023 to achieve their target grades too!

More testimonials and reviews from previous students and parents for A-Level German, GCSE French, iGCSE French and German and GCSE German tuition here:


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