Social Media German GCSE Listening Lesson Practice
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GCSE German Social Networks & Daily Technology Listening Lesson

GCSE German Social Media Listening Lesson Revision and Practice

I needed a social networks and technology listening lesson for my GCSE German students whilst on lock-down. However, I couldn’t find any suitable resources. Ideally, I was looking for listening practice materials covering the themes of different social networks. For example, Facebook, Whats App, Instagram and YouTube. Since I couldn’t find any suitable social media audio clips for German intermediate level students, I created my own! 

This GCSE German Social Media and Technology in Every Day Life listening lesson is perfect for independent work! So, complete this GCSE social networks and technology listening lesson practice as homework, revision, distance learning work or classwork. It’s pitched at around CEFR A2/B1 level.

What’s In The ,soziale Netzwerke und Technologien im Alltag’ Listening Practice Lesson?

It’s quite simply, a lower-intermediate to intermediate, GCSE German listening revision lesson. The topic is: ‘social networks and technology in every day life’.

It includes the following: 
1) a female native German speaker audio clip MP3 file (3.15 mins long) covering:
– what social media is and how it has affected our lives
– examples of social networks with details about each
– the reader’s favourite social network with reasons
2) a 345-word transcript
3) six student-centered activities (listening comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking and writing activities)

In general, this GCSE German listening lesson for revision or practice on social media and technology in every day life should take a 90-minute lesson. Alternatively,  split it into a 60-minute lesson, plus 30 minute homework session. 

DOWNLOAD THE ‘Social Media and Technology in Every Day Life’ THE LISTENING LESSON HERE!

Download German Listening Lesson

Please note I am offering this lesson for free, but all donations are gratefully appreciated. The download includes: an MP3 AUDIO FILE & THE TRANSCRIPT AND 6- TOPIC RELATED ACTIVITIES for intermediate level German students.

This German listening lesson on ,sociale Netzwerke und Technologien im Alltag’ is predominantly for listening practice, but it can be used as a reading based lesson too.

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