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Authentic School & Holiday French Interview with Belgian Pupils for Listening Practice

l'ecole et les vacances french listening practice interview clipAuthentic French Interview Clip for French Listening Practice on Schools and Holidays

The more authentic French listening practice clips I can find, the happier I feel! In fact, when an ex-colleague of mine from Belgium gave me this video clip with him interviewing two students, it made me start thinking of all the ways I could use it! If you need some authentic French listening practice for GCSE French students, or students learning French who are studying the topic of holidays or school, this will hopefully be very useful to you! 

The 5 minute 35 seconds French video clip is in the format of a French interview between the teacher and two Belgian students in year 10 and focuses on questions and answers on this topic of: school and holidays.

What is discussed in the French Interview Clip?

The authentic questions and answers in the teacher and student interaction focus on school (l’école) and holidays (les vacances):

School French Listening Authentic ClipSchool (l’école)
1. School uniforms
2. The differences between French/Belgian and English schools
3. School subjects
4. Future jobs
5. Teachers
6. School timetables

Les vacances holidays French Interview Clip Listening AuthenticHolidays (les vacances)
1. Past holidays
2. Ideal holidays
3. Where students generally go on their holidays

How Can You Use The Authentic French Interview Clip?

Since I was given the French interview clip about 4 years ago, I have used it with multiple French GCSE groups and French learners in many different ways, including:

a) giving the students the questions and they had to make notes to provide a verbal answer to their partner (basically re-enacting the interview, but in their own words)
b) to practise questions forms
c) to practise listening out for tenses
d) to develop listening skills (focused on vocab, translation, meaning etc)
e) listening out from vocabulary that they had heard in the lessons
f) finish the sentences
g) gap fills with a transcript
h) correct the error with the transcript
i) create your own interview in French on the same topics, but with your own questions

How would you use the French interview video clip with students?


I believe that this authentic French interview is a great French listening resource for the topics of school and holidays. What’s more, since the video clip doesn’t have much action going on, students won’t get help from the video when listening. Therefore, it’s perfect to use as a resource to help your students to improve their French listening skills!

The nice thing is that the Belgian students and French teacher talk about holidays and school which will not only allow your students to practise their listening skills, but also to listen to different French accents on topics related to their course: les vacances (holidays) and l’école (school), for example. Also, it’s great to practise listening to questions in French, too. I hope it’s useful to French learners and French teachers all over the world. It’s been a lovely authentic French audio clip for my students who have truly enjoyed watching ‘real’ students talk about the subjects they were learning.

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