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15 Free GCSE French Videos for Listening Practice by Topic

GCSE French Listening Practice for KS3 and KS4GCSE French Listening Practice

I don’t feel like there is enough GCSE French listening practice material out there for GCSE French students. Therefore, this post includes a collection of authentic videos on different topics at KS3 and GCSE level. My sole aim in creating these videos is to give more freely available content to French learners on topics they are studying as French listening practice. Use them in the classroom, as a homework listening task or as listening revision for GCSEs, or at KS3 (or equivalent) level.

The videos are there to help students develop their listening confidence and comprehension skills through authentic practice. Check out all the KS3 & KS4 at the link below! 

Topics for GCSE French Listening Practice

The topics for each video include those traditionally found in KS3 and at GCSE and iGCSE level, such as: family, free time, house and home, town, shopping, festivals and celebrations, social media, social issues, environment, work and school, for example.

The hope is that by watching or listening to these videos, students will be able to develop their confidence in listening, improve vocabulary and practice their French listening skills. The videos will need to be supplemented with your usual topic related vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and translation activities to make the most out of them. Alternatively, you could create extra listening based activities. However, if you haven’t got time to create additional resources or questions, students could simply follow the activity that I have included in the introduction for each video. They could also answer the topic related question posed at the end. 

Videos To Develop GCSE French Listening Skills

The videos for French students to practise their French listening skills are absolutely free and contain the following:

1. Video Title

These titles relate to the topics or themes at KS3, GCSE or iGCSE French from various syllabi. For example: Cambridge International Exams, CCEA, AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, Pearson and WJEC. However, the videos are superb for equivalent levels, including Scottish N5 exams, the Junior Certificate in Ireland, as well as CEFR A2 and B1 levels.

Topics include:
– family, friends, pets
– where you live
– your room, house and home
– local area
– food and drink
– healthy and unhealthy living
– free time
– daily routine
– household chores
– holidays and travel
– the environment
– work
– school
– music, cinema & tv
– social media and new technology

Please note that these videos have been recorded and are being added regularly to this page. However, I am a new mum and so editing and uploading the videos are taking a little longer than usual!

2. Introduction

I feel that I wanted to be a part of these videos to aid with listening practice. Therefore, there will be a short introduction to each video by me. These introductions include a quick summary of what’s included in the video, as well as one or two tasks that the KS3, GCSE (or equivalent) French students can carry out whilst watching/listening. Whilst I realise that in listening examinations, students aren’t able to see the speakers, these videos provide French learners with the opportunity to see native speakers speaking. Remember, the videos can be minimised so the students can get that ‘authentic’ French listening exam experience whilst listening too.

3. Native Speaker Discussing a Topic

In lessons, my students hear enough of me speaking French and so I wanted to create KS3 and GCSE topic based listening practice opportunities with a native speaker. They talk about the topic as a whole, as well as answer questions I have given them on the topic to include vocabulary, past, present and future tenses, as well as pose a question at the end which students can answer.

GCSE French Listening Practice Videos on YouTube

Household Chores / Les Tâches Ménagères Video for Listening Practice

In this video to practise listening skills on Household Chores, Rafael, a native French speaker living in New York talks about types of household tasks, the types of chores he has to do at home, chores he had to do when he was younger, as well as housework that he must do in the near future. 

Check out all of my French Listening Practice for GCSE and KS3 and SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AT THE SAME TIME! You will be notified when more videos are added on a weekly basis! In addition to French GCSE listening practice, find more useful content to help MFL teachers, as well as resources for French language learners to improve their confidence.

In the meantime, you could also visit my French Listening Practice Audio Clips By Topic page and download the listening MP3 clips and worksheets to keep you going!

Other useful GCSE French listening practice resources: French Songs for GCSE French Students By Topic



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