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The Essential List of Websites To Learn French Online for Students

essential list of french websites for students self-studyWhere To Find Self-Study Websites to Learn French Online?

I started teaching French in 2012. Ever since then, I have always been on the lookout for great self-study websites to learn French to share with my students to help improve their French level.

I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram religiously (come and follow me: @theidealteacher), which makes that task really easy.  #mfltwitterati and languages teachers all over the world share websites to learn French online on these social networks, and in turn, I share these with my followers, as well as any other useful links I find myself.

Thank you to all of you who share the best French resources and websites with others!

Why Do I Need A List of Websites To Learn French?

At the moment, I have quite a few private French students who are really motivated to learn the language, but I feel that I can never give them enough homework. And even though I have bookmarked, tweeted, re-tweeted, recommended and saved countless websites, I can never remember any when I need them. In addition, trawling through all my links and saved posts would take days!

I know that so many of these websites would be beneficial to students’ learning French by themselves, or students who want a bit more practice to improve their French level. If I just keep tweeting and saving links, I still won’t have enough homework suggestions for French students who are looking for extra self-study material though! 

Essential Websites To Learn French Online for StudentsSo… because I live by lists and having a list of websites to learn French split up by skill would be really advantageous to many French learners, I decided to spend my Thursday creating an Essential Websites To Learn French Online for Students . Luckily, I have the summer off from teaching at college – three months in total. Although normally, I still teach online or have private tuition, I only had one student on Thursday and so spent my whole day (!) researching, checking, compiling and formatting the list of websites to learn French online.

How Did I Create The Essential List of Websites for Students To Learn French Online?

Firstly, I scoured the internet for recommendations and came across hundreds of lists. Many of the websites’ domains had expired, quite a lot of the links were inappropriate or were difficult to navigate, so I narrowed these lists down. Secondly, I went back through social media posts and picked out websites that I use or websites that others have recommended to me. Then I put them all in one document, created headings: listening, reading, writing, speaking, mixed-skills practice, as well as sub-headings: news, podcasts, audio clips, magazines, blogs, newspapers, revision, vocabulary, tests, dictionaries, synonyms etc. Finally, I formatted the list. I have also added the relevant levels to make it easier for you to find websites to learn French online that are suited to your needs. B= Beginner (A1 / A2 CEFR Levels, Year 7-9 etc), I = Intermediate (GCSE French, Leaving Cert. B1 CEFR Level) , A = Advanced (A Level French / AP French / B2, C1, C2 Level French). 

If you would like a copy of the list of fabulous websites to self-study French in your own time and improve your French level, you can download it by clicking the link here: Essential Websites To Learn French Online for Students .

There are 85+ essential websites to help you develop and improve your French language skills by category. Even using them for 15 minutes per day will help you! Try them out now and let me know below which your favourite sites are to improve your French level below!



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