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Les réseaux sociaux – French GCSE Listening Lesson

Les réseaux sociaux french listening lessonGCSE French Listening Lesson on Social Media and Social Networks

Social media and ‘les réseaux sociaux’ are a staple part of most young peoples’ lives in the 21st century. Therefore, I feel they are excellent themes to include in French GCSE exams.

However, as normal, I can’t find any great resources that don’t cost a bomb to help to practise listening skills on the topic. So, I decided to create this lesson on social media for GCSE French lessons. I believe it would work really well as an introduction into the social media for Year 10,  or as revision for year 11.

What is in the lesson on ‘les réseaux sociaux’?

The lesson is perfect for intermediate French students and includes a high quality MP3 audio file, a transcript, as well as six activities to exploit the audio. The activities include: comprehension questions, a speaking and writing activity, as well as specific questions which aim to focus the ear on the words that the students hear. All in all, to develop listening skills for French GCSE exams. However, also to improve vocabulary, pronunciation and spontaneous writing skills.

The French GCSE listening file includes the following information:

  • what social media is
  • how social networks have affected our lives
  • the positives and negatives of social media

The MP3 audio file is read by a native French speaker, at a medium speed and includes the basic elements to cover this modern theme. It combines  an excellent range of higher level vocabulary, as well as key phrases, which are perfect for intermediate and upper-intermediate French learners, including students in Year 10 and Year 11 (KS4 at GCSE) .

Les réseaux sociaux dans nos vies audio file
2 minutes 24 seconds MP3 audio file

If you do download and find it useful, please consider leaving a small donation. I make all the resources myself and whilst I love to share, it is very time consuming!

Les réseaux sociaux dans nos vies – Transcript and Activities
The transcript is available on the first page, followed by six activities to exploit the text, as well as develop pronunciation, vocabulary and practise spontaneous writing

I would recommend using this GCSE listening lesson on social media as a revision lesson, but also as an introduction into the topic of social networks.

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