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Ma Ville – French Listening Practice & Transcript

French Listening Practice – ‘Ma Ville’ – with Audio, Transcript and Activities

French listening practice was on my mind this week! My main aim was to create some intermediate French GCSE listening practice on the topic of ‘ma ville’. Mainly, as revision for my Year 11 GCSE French students, as part of the AQA syllabus.

Speaking exams are looming and all we have done lately is focus on getting through the material and speaking! We have photo cards, role plays and general conversation questions coming out of our ears. So, I decided to have a slight interlude and finished the half term on a little high with some much needed listening practice

Who is the French Listening Lesson for?

Although I wanted to give my French GCSE students with listening practice on ‘ma ville’, don’t worry if you aren’t teaching GCSE, because the resources in this post are still perfect for you! Especially if you want to teach your French learners about towns in France, what there is to do in those towns and life in a French town from the point of view of a young adult.

The audio, transcript and activities are also ideal for French students at the A2/B1 CEF level, those studying for the Leaving Cert, FLE, FSL and other French courses, too.

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What Should I Expect in this French Listening Practice Audio and Transcript on ‘Ma Ville’?

The intermediate listening French lesson comes with an MP3 audio file, a transcript, as well as seven activities to exploit the theme. The tasks include listening comprehension questions, vocabulary/phrases acquisition, as well as speaking and writing activities, for example. Depending on how many of the activities are undertaken, you can, at the very least, get a fantastic 60 minute lesson out of these original resources.

The town MP3 audio file last 1 minute 46 seconds and covers details about:

– a village in Champagne-Ardenne (North East France)
– what there is in the area and what young people can do there
– positives and negatives of village life

The audio is read clearly by a female native French speaker, at a medium speed, and includes the main elements to cover this ‘dans ma ville’ topic. Not only does the lesson include a useful range of vocabulary, as well as key French phrases for the theme of ‘town’, it includes authentic and vital listening practice (without having to purchase Kerboodle!)

Please note, I have paid to create the audio file so if you would be willing to donate a small amount to help me recuperate this money, I would be grateful and it will help me to continue adding more to help all language teachers!

Download ‘Ma Ville’ Audio MP3 File Here > 

Download ‘Ma Ville’ Transcript and Listening Activities Here > 

If you don’t wish to use the material for listening practice on ‘ma ville’, why not use the transcript and questions as a reading lesson for silent lessons or as cover lessons?

My French GCSE students really loved it and really appreciated that the village mentioned in the audio, in Champagne-Ardenne is the twin town of Holbeach, a village near us!

If you are a teacher and looking for more ways to develop listening in the language classroom, then consider having a look at this book of listening ideas and theory.


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