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Meine Stadt und Ich – German Listening Activities and Transcript

If you are teaching students learning German the topic of ‘meine Stadt’, then try out this listening activity!

Combining an MP3 audio file with a two-page word document with full transcript and seven activities, you can use it to fill a whole lesson and use as homework too!

How will this listening activity help students learning German?

The activities include: listening comprehension questions on the topic of ‘my town’, vocabulary development tasks, as well as spontaneous speaking and writing activities. Not only will these activities fully exploit the audio, they will aid students to improve their listening skills. As well as develop their vocabulary on the topic of ‘meine Stadt’. Not only this, but they allow students to use the vocabulary and key information from the audio clip to use in speaking and writing.

The audio clip on topic of ‘meine Stadt’ mentions:

  • a German town and federal state
  • specific examples of why the person likes living in that town
  • positives and negatives of living in a big town / city and in a town

You can see a couple of images above showing what the two-pages with the transcript and activities look like.

What level are the listening activity aimed at?

I have used this listening activity with my German GCSE students who are studying the AQA Specification. However, it is suitable for all exam boards and any students looking to improve their listening skills around the topic of ‘Home and Neighbourhood’. Generally, the level of the text is B1 in the Common European Framework.

What is included and can I download the files?

This lesson includes:

  • An MP3 audio file read by a native male German speaker – 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, which you can download here:
  • A 2-page Word document with transcript and seven activities including: listening comprehension questions, vocabulary activities, reading and writing tasks on the topic of ‘meine Stadt und ich’, which can be downloaded here:

I really find it difficult to find authentic listening activities for GCSE topics, without having to pay the price tags that the AQA course books charge. I really hope this home and neighbourhood listening lesson comes in useful for your GCSE German students. Moreover, if you teach another exam board, or are teaching students in other countries, this audio and activities will also be useful!

Please feel free to leave me feedback about the activities below, as well as suggestions for other listening activities that you might like to use.

If you are a language teacher and looking for more ways to develop listening skills in the language classroom, then consider having a look at this book of listening ideas and theory.


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