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The Easiest Way To Learn French Verbs Quickly

Learn French Verbs Easily in The Present Tense

Knowing verbs in French really is key to understanding and holding a conversation because every sentence needs a verb. Before we can learn French verbs, we need to know what a verb is! A verb is “a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence”. For example to go (aller), to be (être) or to swim (nager).

Let’s take the following which don’t include a verb. Do you understand them?:

  1. je Sabina!
  2. où tu?

je Sabina! (obviously meaning: je m’appelle Sabina) and où tu? (not as obviously meaning: où habites-tu?). Whilst the listener may be able to figure out what you mean by saying the above simple sentences in a particular context, it may not be as easy for slightly more complex situations and dialogues. This is why we need to know them.

If you’re a beginner learning French, a CEFR A1/A2 learner or perhaps a KS3 French student or a GCSE French student and you want a really easy way to memorise key French verbs, such as ALLER, AVOIR and ETRE, then the key (and the easiest way to learn verbs in French quickly) is with a little tune to make it stick.

Why Should You Learn Verbs with a Song or Tune?

According to the Wall Street Journal (2013), “people with exceptional abilities to recount lists and other data often create song-like structures to help with memorization and recall”. If it helps with memorisation and recall, why not use the trick?!

From my experience teaching, students who learn verbs in a verb table in the form of a tune for all subject pronouns (people, i.e. I, you, he/she/it, we, you plural, they) tend to remember them well in the future. Obviously, these verb forms need to be used and applied in sentence form too so once you’ve memorised the tune, try out the verbs in sentence form too.

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