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The French Pronunciation Chart You Need -Pronounce Tricky Sounds Easily

French Pronunciation Chart To Help Improve Speaking Confidence

French pronunciation is a tricky little (big) thing and knowing how to pronounce French sounds and letter combinations can be quite daunting for beginner French learners, as well as improvers.

I have found that not knowing how to pronounce sounds is one of the main issues that hinders my students’ confidence. I focus on phonics from the first lessons, but have been on the look out for a handy guide that I can give to them to refer to. I couldn’t find anything specific that was user-friendly enough, hence the creation of this ‘French Pronunciation Tricky Sounds Guide Chart’.

French pronunciation guide chart - how to pronounce French letter combinations and letters (3)You can download the final copy below! It’s absolutely FREE, as with all the other resources on my website which have had over 100,000 downloads in total.

The only things that I request are:

1️⃣ you share it with colleagues to reduce prep time and support them and students to help develop their confidence

2️⃣ please don’t take my website off of the final copy – it’s taken hours of work.

3️⃣ PLEASE take a look at and SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE (if you think it’s of use!) It has been created for KS3, GCSE & A-Level French and German teachers and students in mind and I add new content daily/weekly. This includes: pronunciation practice, grammar support, listening activities, worksheets and much more!

PLEASE NOTE IF YOU DOWNLOADED THIS BEFORE 9.15AM ON 3RD AUGUST 2023, there is a small error under ‘ch’ (it previously said fiancée as the example). It is now correct and you can re-download at the link below. Sorry for any inconvenience!

download theidealteachers resource here
A big thanks!

Thanks to the teachers on the Secondary MFL Facebook group for giving me your suggestions for improvements. Although I haven’t adapted the resource based on every single bit of feedback – you can’t please everyone!  I have adapted the resource as much as I could.

If you can afford it and this French pronunciation guide has saved you some time, I’d be grateful for any donations. Absolutely not a requirement but you could treat me to a coffee if you’d like.

Check this out for additional pronunciation tips for students:

French Pronunciation Tips for Beginners



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  1. Hello!
    I have bought you a coffee to say un grand merci for thé pronunciation page – but it has not downloaded! Please could you send it to me? Merci encore!

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