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14 Easy Ways To Listen To French From Anywhere*

Listen To French To Develop Your French Listening Skills

The List Below Includes Perfect Ways To Listen To French for Beginners to Advanced Learner, *Providing You Have Internet Access!

Listen to French online and practise your li14 EASY WAYS to listen to french from anywhere to improve listening skillsstening skills! h these easy to access ideas and activity to check your understanding. They are perfect for French teachers looking for suggestions for French students, or if you are a French learner yourself.

Nowadays, you don’t have to leave your house to listen to French which is quite cool. Listen to French from your phone, laptop or tablet on the go too!

Not only do the French listening activities below provide you with the opportunity to practise listening to French, they also provide you with a way to communicate what you understand too.  Please note, that these activities are ideally for individual learners looking for easy ways to listen to French independently. If you’d like someone to check your understanding, then enlist the help of a French tutor!

Try out all (or some) of these 14 easy ways to practise listening to French from home to practise your French listening skills. Some are suitable for beginners, others for intermediate French students and others for advanced French learners who want to listen to French. Try to listen to what you feel comfortable with and try to to go for something too much higher than your level to have the most impact. To have well-rounded practice of the French language, combine the listening element with the communication suggestion.

listen to French podcasts to practise listening in French1. LISTEN TO FRENCH PODCASTS

Choose a French podcast to suit your level. Listen and listen again and then summarise the main points that you understood, either in written or spoken form to communicate what you have understood. I have listed some French podcasts by level below.

Podcasts for All Levels

  • FrenchPod101: This podcast offers lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners, with a focus on practical conversation.

French Listening Podcasts for Beginner and Intermediate Learners

  • Coffee Break French: a focus on building vocabulary and grammar
  • Learn French by Podcast: a focus on grammar and vocabulary.
  • French Language Hacks : focus on practical tips and strategies for learning French.
  • French Together : focus on grammar, vocabulary, and conversation.
  • French for Fun: focus on conversation and cultural topics.
  • French Vocab: a focus on vocabulary, grammar, and conversation.
  • French Pronunciation: a focus on the French pronunciation and speaking.

Podcasts for Intermediate and Advanced Learners

  • French Your Way: focus on conversation and cultural topics.

Watch French films to listen to French2. WATCH FRENCH FILMS OR SERIES

Choose a French film or series that is to your taste. Then, discuss the plot and characters to reinforce what you have understood whilst listening.

Here’s a list of Excellent French Series and Films To Binge Watch that I wrote recently, just in case you don’t know of any French series or French films to watch to get you started.

Free vector breaking news stream3. LISTEN TO NEWS BROADCASTS

Interested in current events, then listening to French news broadcasts is a really easy way for your to listen to French from anywhere! Remember to make a few notes as you are listening and aim to summarise or describe the information about the current events that you hear.

  • News in Slow French: This website offers news broadcasts in French at a slower pace, with vocabulary and grammar explanations.
  • FrenchPod101: This website offers a variety of French language learning resources, including news broadcasts with accompanying audio recordings and comprehension questions.
  • RFI Savoirs: This website offers news broadcasts in French, as well as interactive exercises and quizzes to help learners practice their comprehension.
  • France 24: A French news channel providing news in French, with the option to switch to English subtitles, also have a section called “Apprendre le français” (Learn French) for French learners.

Although the news broadcasts are for French learners, they may still be quite challenging for beginners so don’t be disheartened if you don’t understand everything!

Listen to French Audio Books to improve listening skills in French5. LISTEN TO AUDIO BOOKS

I have added a few useful French audio books and websites that you can use to get you started. A couple offer free French audio books – use the search bar to narrow your results. You could also choose to pay for some of the audio books.

In addition, I suggest you also identify the characters, the scenes, the plot, as well as aim to discuss the themes or retell the story.

  • Litterature Audio – Free audio books which can be streamed online. FREE
  • French Today: includes many classics, at different levels, including beginner level. £££
  • Audible: a wide selection of French audio books, including classics and best sellers from beginner to advanced £
  • Librivox: a volunteer-run website with classic French audio books for beginner to advanced. FREE
  • Amazon Audio Books – these are available for a price but are ideal for listening to from home, as well as on the go.

listen to French radio dramas online to practise listening skills5. LISTEN TO RADIO DRAMAS IN FRENCH

Why not try this easy way to listen to French from home by picking a radio drama that interests you the most from the six French radio dramas below? You can retell the story in sections, act out a scene or discuss the plot to practise communicating what you have understood.

  • “Les Aventures de Tintin” – Firstly, a radio adaptation of the classic comic book series, featuring the young reporter Tintin and his dog Snowy as they solve mysteries and go on adventures.
  • “Les Enfants Terribles” by Jean Cocteau – Secondly, a classic French novel with simple language and engaging story.
  • “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo – A classic French novel, ideal for beginners with its historical setting and use of everyday French.
  • “Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – A great choice for beginners due to its simple language and charming story.
  • “Les Contes d’Hoffmann” by Jacques Offenbach – This French opera is perfect for beginners due to its use of everyday French and engaging story.
  • “Le Roi S’Amuse” by Victor Hugo – This French play was adapted into a radio drama and is a great choice for beginners due to its simple language and engaging story.


Below, you will find five suggestions on where you can listening to French songs. Why not try and jot down any of the lyrics that you recognise as you listen? In addition, feel free to re-play, as well as check ‘les paroles’ to see if you’re right.

  • French radio stations – You can listen to French radio stations online or through a radio app. Some popular French radio stations include France Inter, RTL, and Europe 1.
  • French music streaming platforms – You can listen to French music on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, and Tidal. These platforms have a wide variety of French songs and playlists to choose from.
  • French music YouTube channels – You can find French music videos on YouTube. Some popular French music channels include NRJ France, Charts in France, and France Musique.
  • LyricsTraining – This is a site that allows you to ‘write’ the lyric or lyrics as the song plays to see if you can understand what has been sung. It comes with different levels so it’s ideal for beginners to advanced French listeners.


Brits love to talk about the weather, why not listen to the French weather forecast and explain what the weather is going to be like aloud?

  • French weather websites include Météo France, La Chaîne Météo, and Météo News. You can listen to the weather forecast in French by going to the website and finding the audio forecast section.


If you are interested in travel and tourism, then listen to French guided tours and identify the landmarks they mention. As well as the location, the historical significance or follow directions. Not sure, where to start? Try to listen to French guided tours online by searching for the suggestions below.

  • French tourism websites – such as the official website of the French tourist office, have audio guides and virtual tours that you can listen in French to.
  • YouTube – here you’ll find audio guides of tours of popular tourist destinations, historical sites, and landmarks.
  • French museum and historical sites websites – Have a look on the websites of French museums or historical websites for virtual tours that you can listen to French on on their websites.


This option to listen to French from home may be more suitable for intermediate to advanced French students who want to listen to French from home. Check out a few of the Ted Talks in French by copy and pasting the following link: https://www.ted.com/talks?sort=newest&language=fr. As you are listening, identify persuasive language or key information and repeat it.


Discuss the meaning


Identify the moral


Discuss the humour


Follow the moves


Take notes

Check out my other French listening resources and ensure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel for loads of Free French Listening Practice with native speakers, including worksheets and transcripts!


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