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A Little Covid-19 Update from TheIdealTeacher.com


We are most definitely in one of the most COVID-19 TheIdealTeacher.comuncertain times of our lives right now. Hopefully, you and your loved ones are all keeping safe.

Have you been able to adapt to the ‘new normal’ yet? I’ve been a bit quiet with updates and teaching materials lately for a number of reasons. If you want to know what’s been happening and what’s to come, keep reading!

what is going on theidealteacherWhat’s Happening at ‘TheIdealTeacher’ HQ?

My family and I are staying in-doors and so far are keeping healthy. In terms of work, I am one of the lucky ‘self-employed’ people at the moment. I am able to carry out the majority of my usual teaching activity from home, online. This includes my college ESOL lessons, since I can send work for students to do at home. I can still teach my Business English students online, as many can still access the internet from their homes in France, Germany and Switzerland. In addition, my face-face students have agreed to continue their private French and German lessons with me online.

Obviously, I have lost a few students, since the GCSE / A-Level exams aren’t going ahead this summer and other students don’t feel that screen learning is for them. But, on the whole, I am extremely lucky. I know many don’t have the same luxury; I really do feel for you all in these tumultuous times.

on lock downOn Lock-Down

This is day four of ‘lock-down’ for me. Whilst I’ve maintained the majority of my usual teaching, I’ve been finding the slight changes to my routine quite difficult to deal with. Normally, I have full teaching days on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with private and online lessons keeping me busy all day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I leave home at 9am to teach at college until 8.30pm. There is obviously a break in between when I fit some boxing in. Normally, I also take a few hours to work on new teaching material or blog posts to make a 50+ hour week. My point is, that my weekdays are always pretty much chockablock.


Currently, I am at home all day, as we all should be #stayathome. My teaching days aren’t as full on a Monday and Wednesday. In addition, Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretty empty, seeing as I am normally physically at college.

Sitting in front of my laptop for the whole day, waiting to see if a student needs my help doesn’t have the same vibe. In fact, I feel a bit lost and in limbo at the moment, as structure and routine are very important to me. I have been also finding it difficult to create ‘a new normal’… Today is the last day of feeling like this though. I can see so many people doing great things with their newly acquired time. Things such as: volunteering for the NHS, taking up new hobbies and parents juggling kids, work and keeping sane! So, I’ve decided to stop (unnecessarily) feeling sorry for myself when all the key-workers out there are putting themselves in danger for us and many self-employed and employed people are much worse off than me!

How To Make It Stick?

make it stickSo…as for the website, I am working on some videos and material to help parents, teachers and students during this strange time to help make learning stick!

The book Make It Stick has really inspired me and if you haven’t read it, I urge you to! The book offers invaluable insights into the process of ‘making learning stick’, as well as ideas and backed research. This research on making it stick offers theories which are put successfully into practice in every day life for success. The book is absolutely amazing and really clarifies the process of learning and making learning stick. Check it out!

Much more coming from TheIdealTeacher.com to simplify language acquisition in COVID-19 times for teaching, students and parents of language students. Keep your eyes peeled!

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