GCSE German and Intermediate German Revision Activities by Topic
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Complete GCSE German and Intermediate Level Revision Practice Activities by Topic

German GCSE and Intermediate German Revision Practice

If you want to practice your intermediate German language skills and revise topics covered at German GCSE level or German CEFR A2/B1 level, then try out the activities below. Theses GCSE German revision activities are original and include a range of tasks from the most common topics German courses to help you improve your intermediate German language skills.

Improve Your Intermediate Level German by Topic and Skill

The tasks have been created by topic and by skill, such as: reading, writing, listening, speaking and translation, as well as vocabulary training activities to help you with your intermediate level German revision. The revision tasks are in word documents and come with the answers separately. In addition, you will also be able to download MP3 files for the listening tasks too. 

German Revision by TopicGCSE and Intermediate Level German Revision by Topic

My German revision activities include the following topics:

  • family
  • family relationships
  • social media
  • free-time activities (music, cinema, music, TV)
  • food and drink
  • eating out
  • sport
  • German customs and festivals
  • house and home,
  • social issues (charity, volunteer work, healthy and unhealthy living)
  • global issues (environment, poverty and homelessness)
  • travel and tourism (holidays, regions in Germany)
  • studying (school subjects, school life, post-16 education)
  • work

PLEASE NOTE: This page is a work in progress and more German revision activities by topic are being added daily.

German Revision Activities By SkillSkills and How To Use The German Revision Activities For The Best Results

Below, you will find listening, reading, writing, speaking and translation activities, as well as tasks to help you work specifically on your vocabulary, topic by topic. You can use the material however you like, but my recommendations are as follows (and come from my ten+ years of teaching experience):


Research admits that learning vocabulary individually and out of context isn’t helpful to the learning process. I agree to an extent, but you have to start somewhere! My vocabulary practice activities are split by topic, include a list of the most relevant topic related vocabulary, as well as five further activities to practise the vocabulary in different ways to make it stick!
1. Download the ‘Vocabulary Practice’ Word Document on the topic you wish to study first below.
2. You will see the topic name at the top and a list of German words down the left hand side with space for you to add your suggested translations.  Do this first.
3. Check your answers by downloading the ‘vocabulary answers’ sheet once completed. Highlight the ones you got wrong.
4. Try and complete the activities on the right hand side of the page to practise and add them to Quizlet or Memrise to help you learn them for about 20-30 minutes a couple of times a week.


Decide which skill you wish to revise on that topic next. Reading, listening, speaking, writing or translation? Then choose the corresponding activity below, download it and follow the instructions carefully. Once completed, download the answers or send to your teacher for checking. PLEASE NOTE THIS SECTION IS STILL IN THE PROCESS OF BEING COMPLETED. ACTIVITIES ARE BEING ADDED DAILY THOUGH.

1. Me, My Family & Friends – Family Relationships Topic German Revision Practice

2. Social Media and Technology In Every Day Life

3. Free-time Activities
Music cinema TV
Food and Drink
4. Customs Festivals
Germany and Customs
Festivals in Germany and other German speaking countries
5. Hometown & Neighbourhood
Home – Different Types of Homes, Where Speaker Lived Growing Up including Rooms and Contents of Rooms
Where you live
6. Social Issues – Charity, Volunteer Work, Healthy/Unhealthy Living

7. Global Issues – Environment & Poverty and Homelessness

8. Travel and Tourism
Holiday and Travel
Regions of Germany
9. My Studies
School subjects
Life at school

10. Post-16 Education and Work
11. Career choices
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