festivals celebrated in German speaking countries GCSE

Celebrations And Festivals – Free German Listening Practice Video for GCSE

Celebrations and Festivals in German Speaking Countries

German Listening Practice for GCSE and Advanced Beginners on Feste und Feiertage in Deutschland und Österreich

festivals celebrated in German speaking countries GCSEWant to learn German? Wish to do some German listening practice on celebrations and festivals? Or do you just want to learn about some religious and non-religious festivals in Germany and Austria? Well, this post and video is for you!

There isn’t enough German listening practice material that is accessible for advanced beginner and intermediate German students. Therefore, I decided to create my own , along with a video. This is mainly so my students can practise listening skills in German. However, also so that they can watch a video clip with native / fluent speakers talking in German about topics and themes they are learning about.

Who is this (Feste und Feiertage) Celebrations and Festivals German listening practice clip for?

This free German listening practice video has been created with advanced beginner learners in mind; specifically GCSE level or CEFR A2 learners. Although, you can also certainly use it with KS3 German students (UK) or equivalent, too. 

What does this Festivals and Celebrations in German Speaking Countries video contain?

This short video on ,Feste und Feiertage’ lasts 6 minutes and 17 seconds.

Firstly there is an intro slide entitled: ,die wichtigsten Feste in deutschsprachigen Ländern’.

Next, the video continues with a 90 second introduction from Sabina. Sabina outlines the content and offers three different activities that students could do whilst watching the video, as well as thereafter.

Finally, for the remainder of the video, Franziska, a native German speaker presents popular religious and non religious festivals and celebrations in Germany and Austria. She draws comparisons between some popular festivals and celebrations there and England.

Festivals celebrated in Germany and Austria which are included: Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve, New Year, Oktoberfest and Pfingsten.


  • Skip to 1 minute 25 to see the 3 activity options to do whilst watching the German listening practice video clip on celebrations and festivals
  • Not sure what’s going on? Use the images and graphics to help you understand and if you need to, put on the Closed Caption subtitles after you’ve attempted listening without a couple of times.

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