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Vocabulary Revision Challenge Dominoes – Tip Of The Week 7

Dominoes Vocabulary Revision Challenge

No-Prep Dominoes Revision Vocabulary Challenge

Could you use a no-prep vocabulary activity to help Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 or Key Stage 5 students of French, German, Spanish or other modern language to develop vocabulary through synonyms or antonyms? If so, then use this dominoes vocabulary revision challenge anytime with all of your classes next week! It works considerably well at the beginning of a new term, at the end of a topic or at the end of the year to revise vocabulary for speaking, writing, as well as reading, listening and translations!

word dominoes template jpegTeaching Tip Of The Week – Edition 7 – DOMINOES VOCABULARY REVISION CHALLENGE

Title: Dominoes Vocabulary Revision Challenge
Aim: To revise and improve vocabulary, especially verbs and adjectives, antonyms and synonyms
Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 (Lower intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced)

Resources Required:

Download Editable Resource Here  (a two-page word document with one page filled in with antonyms in French, as an example, and the other page left with twelve blank dominoes to be filled in as required), pens, scissors, dictionaries

Dominoes Vocabulary Revision Challenge Instructions:

1. Put students into twos and present with a blank copy of the dominoes board (you can give them one or two pages, depending on their level).
2. Advise that the group must work together to make a game of dominoes, by thinking of sets of antonyms or synonyms in Target Language and writing each individual word in each box from left to right; all empty squares should be filled in. You could provide the students with a theme to make the activity more focused (i.e. appearance / everything from year 10 etc), as well the option to use adjectives (big / small – pretty / ugly) or verbs (to wake up / to go to sleep – to stand / to sit etc). It might also be useful to show them the filled in copy of the dominoes revision challenge to avoid any confusion.
3. Give students about 10-15 minutes to complete, depending on their level.
4. At the end of the time frame, ask students to cut around their dominoes, shuffle and leave on desk.
5. Ask students to move around the room with their exercise books (for notes), playing the games by matching all the sets of antonyms in order. If a pair finishes quickly, give them an extension to do (see below)

Dominoes Vocabulary Revision Challenge Teaching Activity Extension:

a) WRITING: Write down a sentence using four items from that particular game in one paragraph on your chosen topic
b) SPEAKING: Use as many of the words as you can to describe the topic you initially gave them in the past/present/future tenses. Can you use all of them accurately?

How would you adapt this dominoes vocabulary challenge activity for your language classroom? Let me know in the comments below!

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