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45 German Songs For GCSE German Classrooms

45 German songs for the GCSE German Classroom TwitterMotivate GCSE German Students with Modern and Traditional German Songs In Your Classroom Today

Get some brilliant German songs and suggestions by GCSE topics below!

A bit of background into why I created the list of 45 German songs for GCSE classrooms before I present you with the resource…

The German language has always been my passion. I knew that I wanted to do something with the language as a career from my very first lesson way back in 1998. I really focused on improving my German skills by doing my homework, reading German magazines for teenagers and participating well in lessons. My passion, determination and hard work helped me to achieve an A* in my GCSE German exams and an A in my German A Level, both of which I am still very proud of to this day.

My first visit to Germany was with my family in 2002, when I was in Year 10. I had never heard any German music before that, but as soon as I heard Xavier Naidoo’s ‘Bevor du gehst’ song on this trip, I was hooked. As I mentioned in my 45 Songs for French GCSE students post recently, for me, music has always been an instrumental part of learning a language, and I truly feel that knowing German music has aided me to improve my pronunciation, my listening skills, as well as my understanding of German culture and vocabulary.

Looking back on my German lessons, I kind of wish Ms Hood and Frau Almasi (my German teachers) had played me German music or given me music suggestions when I was studying German at school. This is the main reason I try to incorporate music in my lessons regularly, because I can see the benefits of listening to music in the target language when studying a language. Have you ever used the song, Durchgehend Online die Lochis (4057 downloads )  by die Lochis? I played it to my Year 10 GCSE German students last year. Whilst they weren’t particularly big fans of the duo (comparing them to Jedward), a year later they are still singing the lyrics and using the vocabulary they learnt from it in their work. Win win, I say!

Combining my love of German music and other German teachers’ suggestions, I have compiled this three page list of fabulous contemporary and classic German songs for the AQA German GCSE classroom. The resource contains 45 German songs which have been curated especially for the German GCSE classroom. You will find the artist’s name, the song title, as well as a link to one of the best quality version’s of the video that I could find on YouTube.

45 German Songs for The GCSE German Classroom

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Download Resource Here


I really want to say a BIG THANK YOU to anyone who gave me a suggestions through my requests recently. Although I have added quite a few of the songs, there may be some that I am missing. If you think I am missing a great song, please leave the title and artist, as well as the GCSE theme it relates to below. I will be happy to update the resource over the coming months if necessary!

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6 thoughts on “45 German Songs For GCSE German Classrooms

  1. Hi Sabina

    Many thanks for all your amazing resources!

    I would like to suggest a song or 2 for your German resources.

    Nur ein Wort by Wir sind Helden ( to practise verbs ich and du)

    Munich Super Crew – any song really!

    Block und Bleistift by Blumentopf
    (very clever lyrics but somewhat “rude” in parts!)

    Any thing by Uwe Kind – here’s one called “keine Zeit”

    That’s all for now!

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