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Emojis Verb Builder To Learn and Revise Verbs

Use Emojis To Revise and Learn Vocabulary

Last year, I wrote a post entitled Emojis Vocabulary Builder. Students receive a worksheet with chunks of emojis based around different themes. They annotate the sheet to revise vocabulary or develop their bank of vocabulary. Surprisingly, the worksheets were very well received by modern language teachers and students!

Thanks to Twitter, I learnt that today, 17th July, is #WorldEmojiDay. At the same time, I also learnt that Apple will be adding a ‘yawn’ emoji – cue favourite, newest, overused Yawning Face on Microsoft emoji! Therefore, I decided to adapt my emoji vocabulary builder activity even further and make it perfect for language learners who want to learn verbs or revise verbs in any language. 

How Does The Emoji Verb Builder Work?

Emoji verb builder revise verbs learn verbsThe emoji verb builder worksheet,


  1. instructions
  2. 75+ emojis which relate to actions (i.e. verbs)
  3. a selection of challenges including sentence and paragraph level activities for differentiation purposes.

Basically, students can write any infinitive verb form which relates to the emojis on the worksheet. Students can work individually, in pairs or in small groups. The emoji verb builder activity could be used as revision at the end of term, as homework over the summer holidays (she said what?????) or used to add a bit of competition to the classroom.

Whilst it’s fun to annotate the worksheet, I like the challenges. These include: tasks relating to past participle, he/she/it present tense, sentence writing and paragraph writing.

Other Ways To Use The Emoji Verb Builder

The emoji vocabulary/verb activity could also easily be used as a spontaneous speaking prompt too. You could number the lines, give a number and students have to create the best story they can verbally using those verbs. The possibilities to develop, revise and learn verbs are endless!

Let me know how else you would use this fab idea to learn or revise verbs below.


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