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Competitive Word Game To Practise Topic Vocabulary in Language Classrooms

Fast-Paced ‘Chain Game’ Vocabulary Practice Activity for All Language Lessons

Competitive Vocabulary Game for Language Lessons Revision (2)Have you ever played that word game on a long car journey where you pick a topic and everyone takes a turn to say a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word? It keeps going until there’s a winner who always takes their turn? The topic-based vocabulary game can get quite competitive and it works something like this: 

Person A: Latvia
Person B: Austria
Person C: Armenia
etc repeat


Person A: Hamburger
Person B: Red Pepper
Person C: Rollmops
etc repeat


Whether you have played it or not, it’s a great vocabulary practice idea for language lessons! Especially since you can choose the vocabulary topic and the students go for it.

Why Play This Competitive Vocabulary Game in Language Lessons and How?

The simple vocabulary practice activity become a competitive word game in language lessons when you split the classroom in two and get the class to play in teams. However, the best part is that this vocabulary game for the language classroom is no-prep, but really effective in getting students to think of topic-related vocabulary. Especially since the students want to help their team win!

To keep the word game positive and challenging, award both teams 15 points to start off with. If the teams says a word, they get 2 points and if another member of the group puts the word into a full sentence, the team is awarded 3 extra points. If the team doesn’t get a word, they lose 2 points and play goes back to the other team.

In  addition, to ensure everyone gets involved, set the rule that all students are allowed a maximum of 1-2 goes and everyone must participate. Once all members of the group have participated, that rule gets re-set again.

Try the simple, fast-paced and competitive vocabulary out with beginners, intermediate and advanced language students to practise words at the end of a topic, or even as a revision activity in the lead up to exams.

How do you play this competitive word game in your classrooms?

How do you feel about getting more inspiration to practise vocabulary as revision in your language classrooms? See more ideas to practise vocabulary in language lessons below.

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