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Vocab, Speaking and Writing Prompts – ‘Take Your Pick’

Take Your Pick vocab speaking and writing promptsUseful Vocabulary, Speaking and Writing Prompts for Language Classrooms

As a language teacher, I am always on the look out for interesting activities. Especially speaking and writing prompts. Mainly, because I use them to help my I Spy Vocabulary Activitystudents with vocabulary recall, new vocabulary and develop grammar structures in the language classroom.

Where Did The ‘Take Your Pick’ Vocabulary Prompts Come From?

Last week, I found this ‘I Spy’ worksheet whilst browsing the web. I felt it was a brilliant starting point for revising vocabulary and learning new words and perfect inspiration for speaking and writing.

What Is This Activity Useful For?

Whilst it’s not quite the traditional guessing game of ‘I spy’ that you play with friends and family as a child, it’s a brilliant variation! It’s a useful and effective activity to practise speaking and writing, as well as revise and learn new words!  The activity is just a sheet of paper with lots of different icons related to a topic and you can use it for any topic.

My Adaptation

I have made my own ‘take your pick’ worksheets to try out for many different topics. They include the title of the topic, a range of related imagery, as well as three activities to take your pick from. These vocab, speaking and writing prompts are related to all languages and themes  suitable for KS3, GCSE and A Level in secondary language teaching. However, these ‘take your pick’ vocab, speaking and writing prompts are also perfect for FLE, DELF, DALF, ESOL and other courses and ages too.

“Take Your Pick” Vocab, Speaking & Writing Prompts for the Language Classroom

Take Your Pick Prompts for Language TeachingThese ‘take your pick’ prompts are also a variation of the emoji vocabulary builder that I wrote about last year. If you are looking for a task that could combine writing, speaking, vocabulary and grammar and give students options to spontaneously practise topics such as food, fruit, healthy living, transport, holidays, activities etc, then download my ‘Take Your Pick Prompts’ (which have been created using imagery from freepik) with the prompts and a choice of three activities to ‘take your pick’ from.

Holidays Take Your Pick Vocab Speaking Writing Prompt Document
Transport Take Your Pick Vocabulary, Speaking & Writing Prompt
Food Take Your Pick Vocab Speaking Writing Prompt
Fruit Take Your Pick Vocab Speaking Writing Prompt
Social Media - Take Your Pick Vocabulary, Speaking & Writing Prompt
Activities - Take Your Pick Vocabulary, Speaking & Writing Prompt
Healthy Living - Take Your Pick Writing, Speaking & Vocabulary Prompt
Mixed - Take Your Pick Speaking, Writing and Vocabulary Prompt

Hopefully the idea of ‘take your pick’ speaking, vocab and writing prompts allows choice for your students, but also allows your learners to develop their ability to be more spontaneous when speaking and writing, as well as to improve their vocabulary.


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